Adult Music

The Chancel Choir

The Chancel Choir is the primary adult choir of church. We sing for Sunday worship each week and for special holiday services. We also participate in the annual Glory of Christmas concerts, performances of major works, choir exchanges and choir tours, which may be scheduled during different seasons.


The Carillons (Bell Choir)

The Carillons (Bell Choir) is comprised of 15 members who perform on a five octave set of English Hand Bells. The bell choir presents music in worship, participates in concerts, and occasionally in hand-bell festivals, and other special programs. If you can read music and have a good sense of rhythm, you are invited to join this choir.

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We would love to have you! 
It is our hope that you will find a place within one of our groups to musically experience and express praises to our Lord!

John Perry,
Interim Director of Music