Stephen Ministry

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Stephen Ministry was started in 1975 by Kenneth Haugk, an ordained minister and clinical psychologist, who picked Stephen (from Acts 6:1-7) as the emblem for the lay, caregiving program. Since 1975, over 12,000 congregations and organizations representing more than 170 Christian denominations and 29 countries have been enrolled and more than 70,000 Stephen Leaders and 600,000 Stephen Ministers have been trained.

Stephen Ministers provide quality, confidential, one-to-one ministry as trained, caring church members reaching out to others in a time of need. The caring relationship is always male-to-male and female-to-female for those in need age 18 and older. Stephen Ministers are trained to listen and provide support.

Once a Stephen Minister is commissioned, they attend bi-monthly supervision groups and continuing education. One-to-one caring relationships, hospital visits, and other voluntary opportunities are also the responsibility of a Stephen Minister. Stephen Ministers are required to commit to a 24-month term for consistency in a caring relationship.

Need someone to talk to or pray with you? 
Every Sunday at Roswell Presbyterian Church, Stephen Ministers are available in the Welcome Center after the 8:15 and 9:45 a.m. worship services.

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Requesting a Stephen Minister

If you would like a Stephen Minister to walk with you through various life circumstances or if someone you know would like a Stephen Minister partner, please contact:
Rev. Carrie Weatherford

A Stephen Minister will only be assigned with the direct permission and conditions of the prospective care receiver. This program is confidential and honors the relationship that develops between the Stephen Minister and their care partner.


Becoming a Stephen Minister

If you have gifts for caring, encouragement, and listening, please prayerfully consider being a part of this supporting ministry of Roswell Presbyterian Church.

For more information, contact:
Tony Samaltanos
Glenda Thomson.

Willingness to give of oneself and servanthood is vital. The level of one's education is not important, but the level of commitment to Christ and one's desire to really care for others are very important.