As the Session has prayed and reflected on the new ministry that God is calling us to over the next five years, we could not help ourselves in celebrating how much we have already been blessed.

In order to build on that blessing, we believe God is calling us to extend our ministry in three key strategic areas:

Strategic Initiatives

Engage more people in worship

To engage more people by continuing our excellent worship services and then launching a new worship service where we can engage more people in worship, especially those who are not yet involved.

The new worship service, located in the RPC Gym, kicked off in August of 2018. It offers the same excellence as our current three worship services but with a contemporary, band-style music in a casual environment that still embodies our Reformed theology and liturgy. Through all of our services we hope to connect with people of all generations so that they are inspired and transformed in order to transform the world.

Enhance missional engagement

To mobilize more people for mission and service by growing our Neighborhood Action Ministry.

Through the development of an existing outreach ministry into a flagship ministry concept, we hope to provide a high number of access points for membership engagement in living out the Good News of Jesus Christ. We will continue to support RPC's local and global mission partners and enhance the telling of RPC's mission story.

Retain, increase, and broaden our membership

To retain, grow, and broaden those who are connected to the Roswell Presbyterian Church community.

We will emphasize and expand our groups ministry to continue to foster fellowship and spiritual formation at Roswell Presbyterian Church. We will launch community groups that provide more accessibility and different entry levels and time commitment. We want to engage the non-engaged member and the greater community.

We hope to accomplish these initiatives by continuing Roswell Presbyterian Church's strong existing ministry. While these are the three key strategic areas we are focusing on, we will always continue to anticipate and reform according to Christ's call and our congregation's needs.