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To make a request with the Communications Team, please complete the form below.  

2. Your Name *
2. Your Name
How you reference this project
What’s the goal? What result are we shooting for?
What content would you like to include? Content can be modified depending on the deliverable.
Key Dates
6. Request needs to be completed by this date
6. Request needs to be completed by this date
7. Event Date
7. Event Date
8. Registration Deadline
8. Registration Deadline
Include the final registration date. If more than one date such as "Early Bird" date, then include that in the required copy.
9. Does this request require new creative *
10. Does this request require a bulletin corner? *
If yes, what Sunday should this run in the bulletin?
If yes, what Sunday should this run in the bulletin?
11. Deliverables Needed *
The communications team will determine if the most effective way to reach the appropriate audience. Select all that apply.
Web Links
Include the link of the page you would like the communication on
If this request is for an event, please include the registration link.

Once this form is completed we will respond to you within two business days

Your request will be given a unique project number and added to the Basecamp system.
Project communications will be in Basecamp, and sent to your email.

Communications FAQs


Are we done using the “Event Planning Form”?
If you need Communications to work on a project that does not involve food service, booking a room, or a bulletin announcement then you do not need the Event Plan Form. However, if you have an event and would like to have Communications work on getting the word out for the event then it is helpful to have both forms completed. Some of the information is duplicate, but the Communications Requests helps the team get a better understanding of what needs to be done and when. It might seem a bit much to have two forms, but we do not have one process to connect Communications, Administration, Food Service, and Facilities

Helpful tip: Complete the Event Planning Form first, then copy and paste the duplicate information into the Communications Request and complete the form.

How do I send additional attachments if I can’t upload documents when completing the Request Form?
Email the completed Event Planning Form along with any other supporting images or content documents, to:
Or wait until the project is available in Basecamp to upload documents.

How do I add a project to Basecamp?
To initiate a project with the Communications team, start with the Request Form at:
This link is available on Basecamp, in the Roswell Presbyterian Church HQ “Docs & Files.”
Basically you just need the URL to start a project, the Communications team will add it to Basecamp.

What is Basecamp?
Basecamp is what allows me to sleep at night. It keeps all relevant project related in one place and the schedule keeps us on track so we know what is due and when. Try it, it’s almost like magic. 

How do I get to Basecamp?
Use this link:

If I need a simple text change on the website, do I need to complete the request form?
Nope, you can complete the information on the Web Request Form:

If I have an additional deliverable to a project that Communications is already working on, do I need to fill out the request form?
Nope, you can add to the original project scope by commenting in the project Message, just please be as detailed as possible.

What is a deliverable?
A deliverable is the “what” you’re requesting from the Communications team. If it’s a Bulletin Corner, a digital screen image, or an email graphic. If you don’t know what you need you can select the “IDK, you tell me” option (IDK means “I don’t know”). Deliverables are subject to review by the Communications team.

What is the minimal amount of days from when I submit a request to when I can have finished creative?
10 business days, could be expedited with bribes. In all honesty, we need all the time we can get.

After the Request Form is submitted what happens next?
Your request will be given a unique project number and added to Basecamp. The first communication you should see from Basecamp will invite you to the project.

How is the unique project number determined?
The project numbers help us quickly identify a project. The first two numbers are the year, followed by the quarter, then the sequential number the project was entered in that quarter.