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Throughout our website, you will discover up-to-date information about our worship, our mission outreach, our opportunities for spiritual growth, and plenty of ways for you to connect and grow in your faith.

We would love to get to know you in person! We invite you to attend one of our Sunday morning worship services at 8:15, 9:45, 11:00, or 11:15 a.m. While you are here on Sunday, please stop by our Welcome Center in the Narthex/lobby of the Sanctuary building.

Stop by and share with us in this exciting family we call the Roswell Presbyterian Church!


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Our Mission Statement

In response to the call of God, through grace and the love of Jesus Christ, we are committed to growing in our Love for God, which enables our Love for ourselves to grow in a healthy way, equipping us to increase our Love for others.

Roswell Presbyterian Church’s mission statement serves as an important reminder of the church we believe God is calling us to be.

It begins with an emphasis on the tremendous blessing of the call of God through the grace and love of Jesus Christ. We are a congregation which affirms Jesus Christ as the center of our church. Our response in thanksgiving for that grace and love is enumerated through the three loves.

We demonstrate our Love for God in many ways. We gather together regularly to worship and affirm our belief in the sovereignty of God. We pray as a whole church and individually through programs like our regular prayer guides, devotionals and intercessory prayer group. We grow as disciples of Jesus Christ through a wide spectrum of Bible studies, offered on Sunday and throughout the week.


We seek to show our Love for others through diverse mission outreach opportunities, both locally and globally, ranging from visits to church members in the hospital to mission trips to Guatemala, Brazil, and Kenya. We support parentless children, send medicine to villages on the other side of the globe, and provide housing for homeless people here in North Atlanta.

We work to grow our Love for ourselves in a healthy way through fellowship and our care for one another. We minister to our congregation through pastoral care, health and wellness programs, at-home communion, Stephen Ministry, and much more. We encourage fellowship through retreats, Presbyterian Women circles, Men of RPC, Wednesday Evening Fellowship, and a multitude of small groups through­out the church.

We will never forget the roots that have made us strong, but we keep our eyes are on the future, looking ahead to what God has placed before us.
We continue to be a family . . .
rooted in faith . . .
growing in love!


Learning more about Worship, Pray, Give, Study, Serve... 

The people of Roswell Presbyterian Church live out our faith and mission statement in a variety of ways. We believe that important aspects of our discipleship occur as we Worship, Pray, Give, Study, and Serve.  As we take these steps seriously, we grow in our relationships here in the church and, more importantly, we grow in our relationship with Christ.


Worship is our opportunity each week to offer praise and thanks to God. It is the time when we are reminded who God is and who we are as his children. We believe worship is the vital heart ­beat of our relationship with Christ.  



Roswell Presbyterian Church is not supported by a large endowment or by other financial grants. The ministry and outreach of the church is supported by the regular offerings we each give as our way of saying thanks to God for his abundant bless­ings in our lives. Making a pledge and presenting our gifts is our joyful response to God’s amazing gift to each of us! 


Each of us has been given a gift to share for the work of God’s world. Some sing in the choir; others each in classrooms; some offer gifts of organization, and others serve on international mission teams. There are literally hundreds of ways the people of our congrega­tion offer their talents! 


Our relationship with Christ is kept vibrant and alive through prayer. We know also that the life of our congregation is under girded by the prayers of our people. Prayer is the time for us to honestly and openly share with God our hopes and fears, our joys and concerns.  


We grow in our faith as we open God’s Word and spend time listening and learning. None of us ever “arrives” at a full understanding of the faith. We are each growing and maturing. Spending time in a study group, whether on Sunday morning or during the week, is the best way we have discovered for that growth to take place.