Music Director Survey

Tell us about yourself.
1. Are you a member of RPC? *
4. Which worship service(s) do you typically attend? *
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6. Are you or anyone in your family currently a member of any music groups at RPC? *
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Tell us about your music preferences.
1. Does music in worship enhance your personal worship experience? *
2. During Worship do you.... *
2. During Worship do you....
Enjoy Singing
Enjoy listening to others sing/play music
3. Check the style of worship music that you prefer. *
4. Which aspects of our current music are important to you? *
The Chancel Choir, The Carillons (Bell Choir), Youth Choir, Children's Choir
6. Would you like more Children’s/Youth Choirs in the RPC @eleven service on occasion?
7. Would you like more RPC @eleven music in the traditional services on occasion? *
Tell us about your Music Director preferences.
1. Please check the top 3 characteristics the ideal Music Director should possess. *
2. Please check the 3 most important duties of a Music Director. *