Elders - Class of 2022


Don Ahnberg and his wife Anne were members from 1981 – 2000, they relocated and then returned to RPC in 2015. Don currently serves on the Building & Property Ministry, sings with the Chancel Choir, is involved with Dinners for 8 and Habitat for Humanity. He has severed as an Elder with the Class of 1989. Don has previously served on the Stewardship Ministry, Building Commission, Elder Nominating Committee, Music Director Search Committee, has been an assistant organist and worked with Charis Community Housing. He and Anne have been married for 47 years and they have three children, Jennifer, Heather, Christopher – they were baptized and were active in the RPC church life. When asked what has been most meaningful in his faith development, he states, “Although I grew up in and was active in the Congregational Church (plus stints during my teenage years as an organist at an Episcopal church and Christian Science church), it was RPC elder nomination in 1987 which motivated me to examine and structure my adult beliefs and faith, including understanding of the Reformed tradition and importance of Presbyterian governance. The Confessions of Faith were an outstanding guide (and under-utilized today).”


Paulette Brown is married to Joel and they have two children, Cailyn and Matthew. She has been a member for 17 years and is currently serving with the VBS Leadership Team, an onCore Table Parent, and as a facilitator of a new Community Group. Paulette has been involved in many ways at RPC, serving on the Pastor Nominating Committee, a Big Table volunteer (part of Mustard Seed), a Financial Peace class participant, first-time visitor caller, a greeter, Confirmation mentor, and many others. She also was on church office staff for eight years. She grew up at Third Presbyterian Church in Springfield, Illinois where her father is still a member. “My experience participating in the Belize Mission trip years ago was instrumental in my faith and in my relationship with the RPC church family. It was truly a blessing to see how God was already at work in that place, to roll up my sleeves to serve alongside others, to share God’s love, and to receive such a genuine welcome into the RPC community, even before I was officially a member. Being a part of RPC as a parent of young children, participating in and watching the ways in which their faith is growing during these formative and precious years, has also shaped by faith and my gratitude for God’s love and peace.”


Colette Davis became a member of RPC in June 2009. She is currently involved with the Tuesday morning Bible study, Neighborhood Action Ministry visioning, and WEF; previously she has been a participant of the 2018 Kenya Mission trip, F.I.S.H. Sunday school class, helped to coordinate the Drake House Ice Cream Crankin’, and the Quilting group. He daughter Anna Davis Monroe and her family are members of RPC-which brings many additional engagement opportunities with pre-school and children’s programming for Colette. She says that in searching for a church home when she moved to Roswell, she found her home at RPC based on hearing Lane minister and the welcoming personality of all that she met-immediate touchpoint with church members who drew her into the RPC family. She will always remember Gloria McGinnis for reaching out and pulling her into the RPC fold.


Robin Gee is married to Scott and they have two boys, Blake and Alex. They have been members of RPC since 2012. She currently teaches Sunday school for 4th graders and in the past taught the 4th or 5th graders (for six years) at RPC. When asked what has been most meaningful in her faith development, she states, “Attending Sunday school and church with my family as a child helped me form a strong foundation and to grow in my faith from a young age. I grew up surrounded by extended family members who were strong role models and influential in my faith development.”


Brian Haughton joined RPC in 2007 with his wife, Debbie, they have two children, William and Anne. He currently teaches 8th grade boys Sunday school and is on the usher team for April and October. Brian has also been a volunteer for Rutledge, co-facilitator of adult Sunday school classes, taught elementary and pre-school Sunday school, scheduled greeters, and has been a long-time participant in the Men’s Retreats. He states, “I have been and continue to be surrounded by blessings: my wife Debbie has a strong faith and served as an elder at RPC with the Class of 2016. My daughter and son are also involved in most church activities for their ages. My dad is a retired Presbyterian minister (20 years), and who was previously a Southern Baptist minister (for 25 years), and my mom played piano in church.” Brian says that Vocare, a young adult program post-college in Memphis for 3 years, and where he met Debbie, was one of the most meaningful part of his faith development.


Don Horton and his wife, Gayle have been married for 49 years and they have two children-Rachel, married to Tony Bachmeier and have three children and Aaron who is married to Alyson and they have two children. Don served on the Roswell City Council for two years. He has numerous hobbies that include music, gourmet cooking, photography, and woodworking. Don has been a member of RPC since 1986 and is currently singing with the Chancel Choir, participates in the Men’s Retreats, and the new Community Groups. He has also been involved with bell choir, men’s ministry, investment committee, music ministry, small groups, AHMEN, and served as an Interim Choir Director; he also was a Deacon at his church in Iowa. He states that Richard Hill has the most influence on his faith development. He was going through a very difficult time from a career standpoint and Richard was always available.


Caroline Johnson is a high school student at Lassiter High School in Marietta. She was baptized as a child and has grown up in the church and was Confirmed in 2016. Caroline is involved with ryeX through Sunday school as well as Sunday night small groups. She is also part of the 96:ONE youth choir and serves as their Vice-President. For several summers she has volunteered with Vacation Bible Study and worked with the RPC Preschool Summer Camp. Growing up she was a part of KidzPraise, onCore, ryeX, middle school and elementary Sunday school. Her mother and two brothers are members of RPC. When asked what has been most meaningful in her faith development, she states, “ryeX, including the various youth leaders and students in the program, has been a very significant part of my faith development. As I have been navigating my years in middle and high school with academic pressures, high expectations, peer troubles, and all the challenges life can throw at me, ryeX has been a solid foundation which I can always turn to. It does not have to be Sunday for me to get in contact with that community. If I ever needed anything, the youth staff, leaders, and my friends are all only a phone call or text away. This group has provided me with a support system that helps me connect with my family, but more importantly, my faith journey with God. With ryeX, I have always had a place to turn to, but also can be that same support system to others in ryeX.”


Chad Knudsen currently teaches a 7th grade Sunday school class and is co-lead for RPC’s Friday morning men’s Bible study with Adam Borneman. He has previously been involved with teaching children’s Sunday school classes, and along with his wife, Lisa, also taught adult Sunday school classes, served on the giving board at Georgia Power and worked with many Christian organizations in Atlanta and with United Way, which were unique roles that lead him to a mission focused life. “My family has always served as the most meaningful impact to my faith development. I believe for me, growing up and seeing that Church and God in the Trinity, were important to my mother, father and grandparents, helped make HIM important to me and make me want to show HIS importance to others. Personally, my family helped root me in deep, needed Christian values that certainly helped guide my decision making through the years. As I look back at my life, I have had several times that I wonder what kept me on my walk with God and why did I not abandon the journey, as I have had friends that have done so? I strongly believe it is due to my family and their continual prayer support for me, that the Holy Spirit would guide my decision making and I follow HIS will. I am most thankful that God has guided me to a wonderful Christian wife, that grew up in a Christian family and shares the same value and core belief system that I do. We are blessed with a beautiful daughter and want to give her the same up-bringing that we both experienced and that we both find so meaningful to our faith journey in making Christ, Lord of our Life.”


Chad Langville has been a member for eight years along with his wife Sarah. He is currently the Usher Captain for the 11:15 service for the months of April and October, for the past two years he has been a Confirmation mentor, and is leading, along with his wife Sarah, a Community Group on Sunday evenings at their home. Chad also taught the 2-year-old Sunday school class for several years and is a Stephen Minister. At his prior church he was a leader with a high school youth group, a Deacon Leader and helped with ushering, Communion, Welcome Table, and greeting. “Prior to attending church in Wisconsin, I never got involved in any activities and never plugged into the larger church community. I basically showed up on Sunday and that was it. The most impactful time in my faith journey was when I actually decided to commit to getting involved with the youth group. I developed stronger relationships with fellow leaders and realized that I really enjoyed mentoring and working with youth and helping them grow in their faith. Through the process, my own faith got stronger.”


Mark Miller and his wife Ashley have been members for 12 years, they have two children, Jackson and Molly. They teach their daughter, Molly’s 3rd grade Sunday school class and their son, Jackson is active in the F2 program and are regular participants of VBS. Mark has been a greeter, and as a young adult, was a member of Clairmont Presbyterian and was an usher. What person, program or event has been most meaningful in his faith development? “The most recent meaningful event would be the birth of my children. As my wife and I were entering this phase of our lives, we knew we wanted to raise our children in the church. That is what drove us to start looking for a Church family and is what ultimately led us to RPC. All of which has brought me to this point in my faith journey.”


Jean Muench and her husband Warren Lippitt have three grown children and have been members for six years. She is a member of the Chancel Choir, PW Circle 5, and participates in the Wednesday morning Women’s Bible study. At her other churches, she was in the choir and went on evangelical tours to the UK and Austria, developing worship services for college youth groups. Jean taught for two years in Ghana while with the Peace Corps and did two 3-week tours with Project Hope’s joint medical outreach with the Navy in the Caribbean. The persons most meaningful to her faith development were Miss Mary Handley, who took her to the Episcopal Church, and Dr. Cliff Johnson at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Alexandria.


Melissa Niederjohn is married to Daniel and they have two children, Max and Jesse. She is a substitute kindergarten Sunday school teacher and has previously been involved with Family Promise, the Grove Way weekly afterschool program and a host home for Extreme Retreat. Melissa took a step back from service this past year in order to re-focus on changing family needs and to discern God’s call going forward. At her previous church she was a volunteer for VBS and attended mission trips as a young adult. Some of her hobbies include cooking, running, and gardening. When asked what has been most meaningful in her faith development, she says, the youth program in her home church was very active. In addition to fun activities and trips, she remembers really developing her faith through Sunday school and bible studies at that time.


Rose Marie Noble joined RPC six years ago with her husband, Frank. They have two grown children and eight grandchildren. She is currently involved in our Shadow Program and was a Shadow during VBS for five years; she is also a Stephen Minister. Rose Marie has previously been involved on a Christian Education Committee, supervised Sunday school, VBS, youth fellowship, taught Sunday school, and was on a pastor search committee. “The comforting consistency in God’s message has been the most meaningful in my faith development.”


Bob Tobey has been a member for 33 years and has twice before been an Elder at RPC. He and his wife, Loraine Fasciani-Tobey have three grown children. Bob currently serves as our usher ‘general’, assists with the MOC golf tournament, is a Stephen Minister, and works with Habitat for Humanity. He has also been a Sunday school superintendent and has taught Sunday school for 1st through 6th grades, ABCDE. What is most meaningful to his faith development? “We found RPC in 1986 and have been attending ever since. The friends we’ve made over the years are very special for us. We’ve watched their children grow up, eaten with them, partied with them, and been there in good times and bad. My usher crews are also very special to me.”


Jean Weber has been a member for 23 years, is married with two grown children. She serves on our Transportation Committee, is a Sunday greeter, is a member of the Bible Survey Sunday school class and participates with Wit & Wisdom. Jean has also volunteered in the church office, with Flea & Thee, and WEF. Most meaningful in her faith development: Lane Alderman, Edith Ivy Fowler, and her Bible Survey Class.