Elders - Class of 2021


Ashley Alderman has been a member since 1994, she transferred her membership and rejoined Roswell Presbyterian Church in 2015.
Elder Assignment: Mustard Seed Ministry

Currently, Ashley is involved with The Mustard Seed Ministry and Kenya Missions. She has been involved in youth groups and has led a young adult Sunday School class and taught an 8th grade Confirmation class for several years.

What has been most meaningful in your faith development? 
“My father and grandfather have been the biggest impacts on my faith development, because they both epitomized what it means to be thoughtful, rational Christians, with a deep love of the Presbyterian Church, and dedicated to being leaders in each church they served or attended.”



John Chattin joined RPC in September of 2014
Elder Assignment: Membership Ministry

John has been involved with the JOY Class, Lay Parish Visitors, being a greeter, and part of the New Service Launch Team. At other churches he has attended, he has been involved with LifeKeys, retreats, mission trips, building and grounds, stewardship, and building committees. His daughter and her family, Natalie and Mark Fitch and children, Connor and Caroline, are members of RPC as well.

What has been most meaningful in your faith development? 
“My grandfather, hearing Bible stories during his childhood, and his mission trips to Kibwezi, Kenya in the early 90’s.”



Kris Cooper and his wife, Tricia, joined in February of 1994 and usually attend the 11:15 worship service.
Elder Assignment: Mission Outreach Council

Kris attends the Tuesday early morning Men’s Bible Study, and previously he has participated in Kenya and Guatemala mission trips, member of the Mission Outreach Council (MOC), Building and Property Ministry, been a Confirmand mentor, and R.O.C.K. Bridge ministries.

What has been most meaningful in your faith development? 
“My wife, Tricia, who has been an elder twice at RPC, and his daughters, who were active in our youth group, Sunday School and Bible study from the third grade through college, and his wife’s continual encouragement, and Lane Alderman’s inspirational leadership in worship and Bible study as meaningful in his faith development.”



Morgan Doyle is married to Sharon, who serves with the Congregational Care Council, and they have been members since 2014.
Elder Assignment: Congregational Care Council

Morgan is currently a member of the Wit & Wisdom Steering Committee and the Bible Survey Class. Morgan has also been a Sunday morning greeter and a staple in the Welcome Center. At his previous churches, he has ushered for about 20 years and was a Cub Scout leader.

What has been most meaningful in your faith development? 
“The wisdom and insights of Lane Alderman convinced me that RPC was meant to be my spiritual home. These have been sustained by Mark Brewer and now Jeff Meyers, as well as Bill Nisbet, who shepherded us through the educational process leading to church membership, and Bill Austin, leader of the Sunday Bible Survey Class.”



George Dunaway and his wife, Marty, have been married for 26 years
Elder Assignment: Personnel Committee

George and his wife have two children, William, who works for Delta and lives in Florida, and Laura, who is a student at Auburn. George is involved with the Men’s Bible Study, Men of RPC, and a Confirmation Mentor. He has also been a member of the Personnel Committee, Adult Studies Ministry, Pastor Nominating Committee, and an adult Sunday School teacher.

What has been most meaningful in your faith development? 
“Bible studies and adult Sunday school class have supplemented my strong Christian foundation provided by my family.”



Emily Flury has been a member for 12 years.
Elder Assignment: Mission Outreach Council

Emily and husband, Chris, have known each other since high school and college. They joined RPC about five months before they were married and now have two sons, James (7) and John (5). Emily is involved with the Pathfinders Sunday School class and PW Circle 8, helps with a Pre-K Bible class and is a table parent during onCore. She is also a Neighborhood Action liaison on the VBS Leadership Team and is assisting with a start-up support group for moms of children with special needs. Emily has also been involved with the bell choir, participated on a mission trip to Guatemala, and taught a Spanish class for adults during WEF.

What has been most meaningful in your faith development? 
“I was very fortunate to have some great teachers and leaders in my life, Whether it was a Sunday school teacher when I was little, a youth leader while in my teens, or a relatable minister I can turn to now for support, it has been their steadfast faith and dedication that has made the biggest impression on my own faith journey.”



Michael Forrester has been members since 2004
Elder Assignment: Financial Resources/Generosity Ministry

Michael is currently a member of the Men of RPC Committee and the GIFT Sunday School class and was a member of the Chancel Choir. When he attended Loudsville UMC, he was the Music Director. Mike is a CPA by trade and is excited to learn more about RPC’s fiscal health through the Financial Resources Ministry. He and his wife, Christine recently celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary! Their son, Will, who is 12, participates in ryeX. They also have two cats and enjoy playing year-round tennis.

What has been most meaningful in your faith development? 
“I have enjoyed singing in the church choir starting with my first choir in high school. I have been a member of the Chancel Choir at four different churches in my life and been enriched through each experience.”



Jim Gruber is a regular worship participant and member since 1998
Elder Assignment: Adult Study & Discipleship Ministry

Jim is involved currently with the Men of Faith Men’s Group. Previously he has been a 3rd and 4th grade Sunday School teacher, co-leader of a Confirmation Class, middle school boys Bible study, Wednesday night CORE leader, and participated in the small group dinners. He was a founding member of the Young Couples Sunday School Class and the Fishing Fellowship and has participated in various service events/groups at RPC. Jim and his wife, Sheila, have raised their family at RPC, “All of our girls were confirmed at RPC and participated in youth activities and Sunday school. Our youngest daughter, Sophie, was baptized at RPC and continues to be active in youth activities. Our eldest daughter, Kate, was married to her husband, Ricky, at RPC and our granddaughter, Avery, attends RPC Preschool.”

What has been most meaningful in your faith development? 
“My college years at Presbyterian College had a profound impact on my faith life. Both Sheila and I grew up Christians in the Catholic Church. But I did not realize how much I was missing by following Catholic doctrine while not actively studying Scripture. Individual study was not part of the Catholic experience at that time. At PC, I was introduced to basics of academic study of Scripture – to learning the setting and history of each book and writer, to the value of critical discussion of Scripture with others, and to referencing the knowledge of other believers. It was invigorating and life changing for me. When Sheila and I were married, we made a commitment to finding a church family where we would be able to engage in study and to build primary friendships with couples, who were also committed to adult Christian learning. We started out at Peachtree Presbyterian Church, continued our journey when we moved to Alabama, and very happily continued after finding RPC upon our return to the Atlanta area in 1997.”



Jean Dancy Jones has been a member since September 2013
Elder Assignment: Worship Council

Jean is currently involved with the handbell choir, teaching children’s handbells, a PW Circle 8 participant, and a member of the New Service Launch Team. She has also volunteered with VBS, taught Bible to preschoolers in onCore, and went through Rev. Emily Wright’s Jeremiah Class to learn about discerning her call to serve. Jean says her son, Oliver, is a gift and a blessing and is being raised in the faith and is thrilled that RPC has a strong children’s program, and her husband, Jason, is a great support for her efforts at RPC.

What has been most meaningful in your faith development? 
“Music has been the most meaningful constant in my faith development. When I am unable to express myself other ways or feel closed off from God’s love, music lifts my spirit and touches my soul.”



Tonya Miller has been a member since 2002
Elder Assignment: Communications Ministry

Tonya is married to Michael and they have three daughters, Abbey, Maddie, and Lilly. She has been an elementary Sunday School teacher and assisting in the Kindergarten class. She is also a greeter, member of the Membership Ministry, and previously taught 2nd, 3rd, and 5th grade classes. Tonya was also on the VBS Leadership Team as the Volunteer Coordinator, served as church pianist for the church where she grew up, and participated in mission trips to Gary, Indiana and the North Georgia mountains.

What has been most meaningful in your faith development? 
“The people who influenced my faith development the most were my parents. By example, they showed and taught me the importance of putting God first in my life. The program that has been most meaningful in my faith development was the Christian Believer class at RPC. The discussions with the class and the reflections on the reading and discussions helped me to dig deeper into my faith.”



Brent Rea has been a member since 1995
Elder Assignment: Children's Ministry

Brent is currently a 4th grade Sunday School teacher and has also taught 3rd grade Sunday School. Brent has been an usher at the Sunday worship services. He and his wife, Laura, have two active children, Carson, who is 9, and Quinn, who is 6 years old.

What has been most meaningful in your faith development? 
“Senior High youth group provided the foundation for my faith. This included the leadership, parent volunteers, and my peers.”



Sally Rhoden has previously served as an Elder at RPC and has been a member since 2003.
Elder Assignment: Music Ministry, Chair

Sally is currently a member of the choir, is a Stephen Minister, and helps in the kitchen. She has previously served on the Personnel Committee, Stephen Ministry Leader, Chair of the Stay-at-Home Retreat, member of a Pastor Nominating Committee, member of various Bible study groups through the years, Chair of the Lay Parish Visitors Committee, and the recipient of the Lifetime Membership Award from Presbyterian Women. Sally has three sons, one daughter, and seven ‘perfect’ grandchildren.

What has been most meaningful in your faith development? 
“In my 72 years on this earth, there has never been a time when I wasn’t connected to my faith and that is due to so many different influences: parents who took me to church; other adults in my church that I wanted to be like; Bible study; loss of a pregnancy and an infant; Stephen Ministry; and raising children in the faith.”



Rich Vogel have been members since 2007
Elder Assignment: Financial Resources/Generosity Ministry, Co-Chair

Rich and his wife, Katy, have two children, Charlie (10) and Georgia Kate (6). Rich is currently involved with the Pathfinders Bible Study and participates in the RPC Men’s Retreat. He has been a Sunday School teacher and a Special Needs Shadow.

What has been most meaningful in your faith development? 
“My wife’s faith has inspired and amazed me, my children’s belief in God has touched me, and the community of faith at RPC has allowed me to progress in my faith journey. Bill Nisbet has unknowingly had a major effect on my faith development as he’s been a shoulder on which to lean in times when God has placed challenges in my life.”



Lisa Watkins joined RPC in April of 2016
Elder Assignment: Congregational Care Council

Lisa is involved with the Worship Council purchasing and preparing the Communion bread and has been a co-teacher for the 3-year-olds Sunday School. At her previous church, she assisted with VBS, the church office, teaching Sunday School, ushered, and the Ladies Circle. She and her husband, Drew, have one son, Bobby. Drew’s parents, Ben and Daphne, are also members of RPC.

What has been most meaningful in your faith development? 
“The fellowship with other women at the Women’s Retreat has been meaningful in her faith development.”



For vacant Elder position in the Session Class of 2020


Carmen Newsom has been a member for over 20 years.
Elder Assignment: Worship Council

Carmen is most often found in the youth wing serving as a small group leader, a Confirmation mentor, a Confirmation parent track teacher, and youth handbell choir member. She served as youth program director for two years when first at RPC until permanent staff was hired. She has also been a member of the adult handbell choir for more than 15 years and has served as an adult Sunday School and Bible study leader, a table parent for onCore, the PW Coordinating Team treasurer, a Financial Peace teacher, and a college Bible study leader. Carmen has been married to RPC member, Reaves, for 25 years, and they have three sons, Grant, Will, and Russell.

What has been most meaningful in your faith development? 
“The person that has been the most influential in my faith journey is a woman named Bit Dillon. Bit was my Sunday School teacher from 3rd grade through my senior year in high school. I always tell her God put her on this earth just for me! The RPC program that has had the most influence on my adult faith is ryeX. The youth of our church are amazing! They inspire me with their faith and passion to show love. I am humbled and honored to walk with them through their lives, strengthening my own faith along the way.” Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity. - 1 Timothy 4:12”