Elders - Class of 2020


John Carruth has been a member of RPC since October 1988.
Elder Assignment: Building & Property Ministry

John has twice before served as an Elder at RPC, is a regular worship attendee, sings with the Chancel Choir, and enjoys WEF dinner and programs. He has previously served on the Worship Council, Building & Property Ministry, and several committees - Transition Committee, the ad hoc Worship/Technology, and chaired the Music Director Search Committee in 2001. John also helps with Habitat builds and Charis programs and is a Sunday School class member.

Professionally, John was an architect involved with our 1996 Masterplan, 1997-2000 Sanctuary project, and the 2004-2006 Phase 2 project. He and his wife, Leslie, have been married almost 40 years and have three children - Clark, Deale (wife Ellie), and Maggie (husband Chris), and have one granddaughter, Lila.

What has been most meaningful in your faith development? 
“It is hard to pinpoint what thing is most meaningful in my faith development. I would say being part of the Church all my life, from being born into a preacher’s family until today. My faith development has been one of constant evolution throughout my life.”



Michele Foust has been a member of RPC since February 1998.
Elder Assignment: Congregational Care Council

Michele serves on the Wit & Wisdom Senior Ministry Steering Committee and Event Planner and has for more than a decade, and has been a Stephen Minister for four years. She has also volunteered with the WEF kitchen clean-up, 2011 church directory photography session, summer Bible study for women, and as a member of the Sunday bulletin redesign committee.

Michele and her husband, Scott, have been married for 25 years and their household includes Tess and Puffin, two much-loved rescue dogs. She retired after more than 45 years in journalism and was eager to write her life's next chapter: church and community volunteering - she wanted to "give back" by helping others in thanks for all of God's blessings in her life.

What has been most meaningful in your faith development? 
“Family - my parents and my husband have been the foundation for my faith. Here at RPC, Wit & Wisdom members have, through many joyous years, shared their own incredibly strong faith in good times and hard times. Their fellowship and wisdom have offered important life lessons and tremendously enriched my spiritual life. In recent years, Stephen Ministry training, service, and support have been invaluable in deepening my faith.”



Peter Heslin has been a member of RPC since September 1999.
Elder Assignment: Congregational Care Council

Peter is happily married to Sara Heslin since 1998, father to Eve (12) and Wyatt (10), and a Roswell resident since 1997. He was raised with a large Catholic family in St. Ann's Catholic Church. As a married couple, Peter and Sara chose to nurture their shared faith in Jesus and joined RPC. He is currently serving as a 4th grade Sunday School teacher and has volunteered with onCore since 2009 as a Table Parent, recreation leader, and washing dishes in the kitchen.

Peter loves VBS and has volunteered since 2009 in various roles: walker, Assistant Recreation Leader in 2015, and Recreation Leader in 2016. He has also participated in the GIFT Sunday School class, member of Neighborhood Action Steering Committee, Aspen Pointe volunteer, and Dining for Eight participant.

What has been most meaningful in your faith development? 
“Most important in my faith development over the years has been volunteering and seeing God at work with our children and families: in the nursery, onCore, SWAM Camps, and Vacation Bible School - truly inspiring!”



Trey Huffman has been a member of RPC since February 2008.
Elder Assignment: Worship Council

Trey has taught elementary Sunday School for years and has served as an usher for three years. At his previous church, Peachtree Presbyterian, he also taught Sunday School for preschoolers, was a member of the choir, and co-founded a Sunday School class for young married couples in 1997.

Trey is a member of the Chancel Choir, as is his wife, Kristen, and Cantate Coeli. His son and daughter, Andrew and Katie, are active in the youth choir and other youth programs at RPC.

What has been most meaningful in your faith development? 
“My parents. They anchored me to the church when I was young, and set good models of how to live a Christian life. They remained faithful even under difficult circumstances. They taught me the value of building a strong faith to sustain me and those around me.”



Henry Johnson (youth elder - Class of 2018) has been at RPC since preschool and was confirmed during 8th grade in 2014.
Elder Assignment: Youth Elder

Henry is currently a member of the 96:ONE Youth Choir, Sunday School, Wednesday night youth small groups, and is a VBS volunteer.

What has been most meaningful in your faith development? 
“I have seen my faith grow through experience with his family over the past several years. Small Groups with David Pynne and Rick Stewart and Camp Rutledge have been most meaningful in my faith development.”



Becky Keenum has been a member for seven and a half years along with her husband Lynn.
Elder Assignment: Adult Study & Discipleship Ministry

Becky and her husband Lynn have two daughters: Libby, who is married to Mike, has two children, Jack and Reese; Nikki has two children also, Grace and Aidan.

Currently Becky is involved with the Marriage Ministry, is a greeter, New Member Ambassador, works in the kitchen during WEF, and helps with the Family Promise laundry. She has also participated with the Fall Fest; organizing, mentoring, and teaching the Young Marrieds Sunday School class; was a middle school youth leader; taught 3rd and 4th grade Sunday School; worked with youth choirs; and led and facilitated Bible studies.

What has been most meaningful in your faith development? 
“I have spent the past 7 years doing a weekly Bible study called the ‘Amazing Collection’. That study has strengthened my Bible knowledge, increased my spiritual maturity, and provided access to other faiths that has increased my knowledge and tolerance.”



Chrissy Kennedy has been involved with RPC since she was an infant and joined the church in 1995.
Elder Assignment: Children's Ministry

Chrissy currently participates in taking blood pressures in the History Room the first and second Sundays of the month. She has also been a Bible teacher with the onCore 3-year-old class and has helped with VBS as a walker.

Chrissy and her husband, Finian, have two daughters: Hannah, 3 and Leah, 7 months. Hannah currently attends RPP (Roswell Presbyterian Preschool) and loves it! Chrissy works part-time as the Director of Nursing for a pharmacy. She also loves working out with her daughters with the local Fit4Mom group.

What has been most meaningful in your faith development? 
“My father, grandmother, and grandfather have all been influential in my faith development. My father and grandfather have both been elders at RPC. I have always admired my father for his commitment to the church. Growing up he taught us three things to always be mindful of: church, school, and sports, which I will pass down to my daughters as they grow. My grandmother has also been a huge influence in my faith development. She has been the type of Christian woman I have always strived to become. She has always reminded me that the Lord is with me every second of the day and to put my trust in Him. She knows of all my life’s ups and downs and has been there to help me through them reminding me that He is with me. In everything I do, I do for Him.”



Jeff Luce has been a member for over three years.
Elder Assignment: Youth Ministry

Jeff is married to Denise and they have four children: Levi (11), Avery (10), Wyatt (8), and Roxie (7). 

Jeff served as an elder at his previous church, New Community Church. He is currently participating with the Pathfinders Adult Sunday School class, is a 3rd grade Sunday School teacher, and has been involved in the music and as leadership in his previous church.

What has been most meaningful in your faith development? 
“Seeing my kids thrive in the kid’s ministries and the Adult Sunday School have been most meaningful in his faith development.”



Jack McCoy, along with his wife Donna, has been a member for three years.
Elder Assignment: Mission Outreach

Jack is currently involved with the Chancel Choir, Cantate Coeli, secretary of the Chancel Choir Committee, member of the Music Ministry and concert committee; coaches at the Aspen Pointe Chess Club; is a monthly WEF Culinary Assistant and at the check-in desk; a member of the Men's Bible Study Cookie Committee; led sessions on the book Helping Without Hurting for the Neighborhood Action Ministry; and was a member of the 2015 Guatemala Mission team.

At his previous churches, he was the church treasurer, chair for church council and staff-parish relations committee, a lay leader, board of trustee member, and member of the adult choir.

His sister is a retired Presbyterian minister and now functions as assistant to the Stated Clerk at her current church.

What has been most meaningful in your faith development? 
“Lane Alderman’s Bible Study was meaningful in his faith development.”



Kenny Miley has been a member of RPC since 2009.
Elder Assignment: Chair, Children's Ministry - Discipleship Council

Kenny is married to Caroline since 2006 and they have two children: Bryce, who is a 7-year-old first grader, and Cade, who is 4 and attending preschool. Kenny and Caroline live at the ballfields with their kids now as they try to be very involved with their activities!

Kenny helps with the Shadow Program, is on the First-Time Visitor Caller Committee, and is a substitute Preschool Sunday School teacher. He has been a Sunday School teacher for 3 years and is a Wednesday night live basketball coach. 

What has been most meaningful in your faith development?
“Parents & Family: growing up, our family life revolved around church & church events. My parents were deeply involved in church activities & church government, setting a strong example for me to follow.” ”My parents - I have been guided in their faith since I can remember. They have always been extremely active in any church we were members. Mom was very active as the leader of the youth group. I spent many weeks of my life at Montreat Youth Conference, which truly helped develop my faith.”



Frank Petru joined the church in January 2015 and was a member from 1993 to 2003, when the family moved.
Elder Assignment: Personnel Committee, Chair

Frank has served two terms as an Elder at RPC and was an elder and Clerk of Session at his previous church. Frank is a team leader in the Searchers Sunday School class, attends the Men's Tuesday Morning Bible Study, and participates in the yearly church grounds clean-up day. 

At his previous church, he was a team leader in adult education classes, usher, Habitat for Humanity participant, served on the Personnel and Adult Education Committees, co-chaired the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee, and was employed as Church Operations Director for a year. Frank is now retired, married to Beverly, and they have two children: son David, who has two children, and daughter Danelle, who also has two children.

What has been most meaningful in your faith development?
“Parents & Family: growing up, our family life revolved around church & church events. My parents were deeply involved in church activities & church government, setting a strong example for me to follow.”



Laura Phelan has been a member for 11 years.
Elder Assignment: Youth Ministry

Laura has previously served as an Elder on the Mission Outreach Council. She is most often found in the youth wing, having served as a volunteer leader for the better part of 10 years. She has visited each of our three international mission partners in Kenya, Guatemala, and the Yucatan. She has served the onCore program as a table parent, Bible teacher, and kitchen helper. In addition, Laura is an original member of Lyndsay Slocum's Tuesday Morning Bible Study, which was instrumental to her faith walk as a young mother. Lately, she can be found hanging with the 8th grade girls on Wednesday nights and serving on the Youth Ministry.

Laura grew up in a small Presbyterian church in Miami, FL, where both of her parents were elders. Their commitment to the church was a model for her own faith journey. Laura is married to RPC member Kevin. They have two daughters, Annie and Maggie.

What has been most meaningful in your faith development
“I have so many people, moments, and events that have impacted my faith through the years. At RPC, these include the strong teaching, participation in mission trips, time spent with our youth, meaningful friendships, and watching my family’s faith grow through the love and care of our congregation.”



Connie Seidel  has been a member for over 7 years.
Elder Assignment: Adult Study & Discipleship Ministry

Connie is a widow with two children: son David is retired military and is married to Edie and father of Alexandra, Brian, Cassandra, and Danielle; daughter Madeline is married to Mike and mother of Catie, Emily, and Flynn.

Connie is very involved at RPC as Co-Moderator of PW Coordinating Team, a Circle member, a member of a women's Bible study, the Funeral Guild, Communion, Intercessory Prayer group, and facilitator of the Exploring RPC class. Previously, she has been associated with the RPC Book Club, numerous Bible studies, and served as treasurer for PWCT at the Presbytery level.

What has been most meaningful in your faith development
“Glenda Thomson for initially bringing her to RPC through the Women’s Advent Service, the 3-week program on The Shack conducted by Lane Alderman and Emily Wright - it was during this program she felt the call to join RPC, and teaching the Covenant Bible Study (Learning the Covenant; Trusting the Covenant; Living the Covenant).”



Judy Smith has been a member for 20 years and has twice served as an Elder at RPC.
Elder Assignment: Mission Outreach Council

Judy is a member of the bell choir, coordinates the Refugee Resettlement Program, and attends the Tuesday Morning Women's Bible Study. Judy has also been a member of the Personnel Committee, Congregational Life and Care Council, the Worship Council, and has been a 4-year-old Sunday School teacher.

What has been most meaningful in your faith development
“The members of the church... I am always inspired by their commitment, their involvement, their willingness to learn, and their sincere efforts to follow God’s teachings and try to lead richer lives. The spontaneous Wednesday church service after 9/11... the church was packed and people just kept coming, looking shocked and confused but hopeful and needing to be surrounded by their friends in the church.”



For two vacant Elder positions in the Session Class of 2019


Linda Carlyle has been a member for 13 years and served as an Elder at RPC with the Class of 2010.
Elder Assignment: Mission Outreach Council

Linda is a member of the Chancel Choir, Bible Survey Sunday School class, tutors with the Refugee Resettlement Committee, is a Stephen Minister, part of the Kitchen Ministry, and on the Guatemala Scholarship Committee.

Linda also participated in mission trips to Guatemala and on the Worship Council, Glory of Christmas Committee, Music Ministry, and Disciple Study.

What has been most meaningful in your faith development?
“My faith has grown under Lane’s preaching and studying the Old and New Testaments with Edith Ivey Fowler.”



Patty Cloy has been a member for almost 24 years!
Elder Assignment: Discipleship Council

Patty’s mother Florence Espy has been a long-time member as well. Patty has three children: Daniel, Erin, and Adam and 7 grandchildren.

Patty is a member of the following: Aspen Pointe Women-to-Women, Stephen Ministry, Tuesday Morning Women's Bible Study, Kindergarten Sunday School teacher, RPC Book Club, WOC Historian, Circle 3, Faith and Grace Bible Study, and Searchers Sunday School class. She has also been a VBS volunteer, middle school youth leader, worked with the Fall Fest, Family Promise, and as an usher.

What has been most meaningful in your faith development?
“Being able to study the word of God in the small group settings of both Faith and Grace Bible Study and Tuesday Early Morning Women’s Bible Study has been so very meaningful through the discussions, insight, love, and laughter shared with these wonderful women.”