Elders - Class of 2019


Linda Carlyle has been a member of RPC since January 2004.
Elder Assignment: Mission Outreach Council

Linda has served as an Elder at RPC with the Class of 2010. She is a member of the Chancel Choir, Bible Survey Sunday School class, tutors with the Refugee Resettlement Committee, is a Stephen Minister, part of the Kitchen Ministry, and on the Guatemala Scholarship Committee.

Linda also participated in mission trips to Guatemala and on the Worship Council, Glory of Christmas Committee, Music Ministry, and Disciple Study.

Her faith has grown under Lane's preaching and studying the Old and New Testaments with Edith Ivey Fowler.



Patty Cloy has been a member of RPC since September 1993.
Elder Assignment: Children's Ministry - Discipleship Council

Patty is a member of the following: Aspen Pointe Women-to-Women, Stephen Ministry, Tuesday Morning Women's Bible Study, Kindergarten Sunday School teacher, RPC Book Club, WOC Historian, Circle 3, Faith & Grace Bible Study, and Searchers Sunday School class. She has also been a VBS volunteer, middle school youth leader, worked with the Fall Fest, Family Promise, and as an usher.

Patty's mother, Florence Espy, has been a long-time member of RPC. Patty has three children: Daniel, Erin, and Adam and seven grandchildren.

"Being able to study the word of God in the small group settings of both Faith & Grace Bible Study and Tuesday Early Morning Women's Bible Study has been so very meaningful through the discussions, insight, love, and laughter shared with these wonderful women."



Dolores Duvall has been a member of RPC since August 1996.
Elder Assignment: Personnel Committee

Dolores has previously served as an Elder at RPC. She is currently involved with the PW Coordinating Team, the Refugee Resettlement Committee, and the Searchers Adult Sunday School class. She also serves as a middle school girls' small group leader and a Bible Study Coordinator for PW Circle 2. Dolores has also been on mission trips, was chair of the Personnel Committee and Congregational Care Council, and mentor to Confirmands.

Dolores is married to Carl and they have three children and five grandchildren.

What has been most meaningful in her faith development is her church family at RPC, the ministers and staff, plus all the opportunities to serve and to participate in mission trips has deepened her faith. She is so grateful for Lane's leadership over the years and has been truly blessed by his understandable, powerful, and scripturally honest teachings in his sermons.


Julie Hellman.jpg

Julie Hellman has been a member of RPC since June 1997.
Elder Assignment: Congregational Care Council

Julie and John have been married for 35 years and they have two sons, Sean and Kevin. Julie is currently a Stephen Minister, Stephen Ministry Leader, Lay Parish Visitors Team Leader, and participates in Wednesday Women's Bible study and the Funeral Guild. She has also been a greeter, Sunday School teacher, and Confirmation mentor.

Julie says the steadfast faith of her parents, as well as the strong faith foundation and sense of belonging she was given as she was growing up by the members of Paterson Avenue United Methodist Church in Paterson, New Jersey, were most meaningful in her faith development.


Teri Kish.jpg

Teri Kish has been a member of RPC since March 1999.
Elder Assignment: Chair, Adult Study & Discipleship Ministry - Discipleship Council

Teri is currently the facilitator of the Faith & Grace Bible study on Fridays, leader of PW Circle 7, Recording Secretary for the PW Coordinating Team, a member of PW Circle 8, a participant in the G.I.F.T. Sunday School class, and a substitute teacher for children's Sunday School. Teri has also been the onCore table parent coordinator, an onCore Bible teacher, VBS volunteer, and served on the WEF Committee.

Her husband James grew up at RPC and they have two children, Sarah and Charlie.

When asked what has been most meaningful in her faith development, she stated, "Gaining a better understanding of God's Word through group Bible studies has made the most impact on my faith and what it means to live my life as a Christian."


Allie McCubrey.jpg

Allie McCubrey has been a member of RPC since May 2004 when she was confirmed.
Elder Assignment: Congregational Care Council

Allie is the daughter of longtime members Tripp and Julie McCubrey and granddaughter of Ev McCubrey. She began attending in 1991 and was confirmed in 2004.

Allie is currently a member of The Mustard Seed Committee, co-leader of 7th grade girls Bible study on Wednesday nights, and a member of the Women in Their 20's small group. She has also served as a VBS volunteer.

What has been most meaningful to Allie's faith development: "My parents have been the most meaningful in my faith development as they exposed me to the love of Jesus Christ and to the church at an early age. They have led by example through their stewardship, generosity, and faithfulness."


Allen Robertson.jpg

Allen Robertson has been a member of RPC since April 1995.
Elder Assignment: Financial Resources Ministry - Administration Council

Allen is married to Pat and they have one son, Bob, married to Kim and have three grandchildren, who were all baptized at RPC.

Allen is a member of the offering counters, the early morning Men's Bible Study, and the Men's Retreat Committee. He has previously been on the Worship Council and chaired three building campaigns.

Allen says what has been the most meaningful to his faith development is his grandfather, Elder W.L. Allen, who was a pastor at the Mt. Paran Primitive Baptist Church for 50 years where Allen attended while growing up. His grandfather's devotion and loving nature was instrumental in his development in the faith and also his mother and father were strong believers and set a good example for him and his sister.



Ed Searcy has been a member of RPC since October 2004.
Elder Assignment: Chair, Youth Ministry - Discipleship Council

Ed is married to Kara and they have three children: Addie, Ethan, and Olivia.

Ed is currently a Sunday School teacher of the 6th grade boys, a youth volunteer, and a member of the Youth Staff Search Committee.

When asked what person, program, or event has been most meaningful in his faith development, Ed said, "My parents and home church of First Baptist Church in Enterprise, AL played a significant and instrumental role in my early faith development. My parents led by example, living with faith and guiding me in my faith journey. My home church (where I was a member for the first 20 years of my life), including the ministers, youth leaders, and Sunday School teachers, showed me the importance of faith, love, and Christian fellowship. My family and church gave me the foundation, strength, and encouragement to create my own unique path and story. This path led me to Roswell Presbyterian Church 12 years ago. Since then the teachings of Lane, Emily, and Lyndsay have helped enrich and guide me through life's highs and lows, always clearly conveying God's love."


Craig Sears.jpg

Craig Sears has been a member of RPC since March 1987.
Elder Assignment: Children's Ministry - Discipleship Council

Craig has been attending RPC with his parents since 1978 and became a member in 1987. He is married to Renata and they have two children, Lillian and Oliver.

Craig is involved with the Children's Ministry, working with the F2 leadership team for the 4th and 5th graders. He is also a regular attendee of the Pathfinders Sunday School class. Previously he played with Jim Moody's Brass Ensemble.

Craig states the most meaningful person, program, or event in his faith development has been "... thoroughly enjoying my involvement with the F2 program, and believe it's an essential part of our youth developing 'sticky faith'. It's something I wish we would have had when I was that age. It's been a pleasure to see these youngsters continue to develop their faith and stay active in the church. The Music Ministry is also very important to me. The Pathfinders class is a rock upon which Renata and I have built lasting and meaningful relationships in the church that have nurtured our faiths. And, of course, our pastors are wonderful."



Helen Sharp has been a member of RPC since February 1975.
Elder Assignment: Adult Study & Discipleship Ministry - Discipleship Council

Helen is married to Don and they can claim the Bartenfelds and Duleys as part of their family.

Helen is a member of the Early Bird Women's Bible study, attends the THINK Sunday School class, and attends PW Circle 7. She also previously served as an Elder at RPC.

"My parents, my current family, Sunday School teachers growing up, the ministers at this church, and many Bible study leaders who have challenged me to think" have been most meaningful in Helen's faith development.



Robin Singleton has been a member of RPC since June 1992.
Elder Assignment: Membership Ministry - Congregational Care Council

At RPC, Robin has been very active with the greeter team, teaching Sunday School for children, serving on the Preschool board, and a member of the Refugee Resettlement ministry.

Robin is married to Hank Kreutzinger and has two adult children, Terry and Amanda. Robin was ordained as an elder as a high school student when she was 17 at Kirkwood Presbyterian in Springfield, Virginia.

A meaningful part of Robin's faith development was attending Dr. Margaret Turney-Ayers 7:00 a.m. weekly Bible study for eight years. She is most excited about reaching out to our new members and our youth.



Alan Van Dyke has been a member of RPC since January 2010.
Elder Assignment: Mission Outreach Council

Alan has served as an Elder at three previous churches: Church of St. Andrew in Atlanta, Windwood Presbyterian in Cypress, Texas, and Westminster Presbyterian in Wooster, Ohio. He currently is an Aspen Pointe tutor, HomeStretch volunteer as a resume and job interview coach, and a member of the Tuesday morning Men's Bible study. At his previous church, he was an Adult Sunday School leader, Financial Campaign Chair, and Family Promise volunteer.

Alan has been married to Nancy for 47 years and they have three sons and daughters-in-law and seven grandchildren.

When asked what has been most meaningful in his faith development, he stated, "My wife has been the most influential in my faith development, both by her own faith life and also in the service that she has performed as a special education teacher, a community volunteer, and a hospice volunteer."



Sarah Kish (Youth Elder – Class of 2019) was confirmed at RPC in March 2015.
Elder Assignment: Congregational Care Council

Sarah is currently a junior at Centennial High School. Sarah has been a VBS volunteer for the past five years and has participated in many ryeX camps and events. Previously she was in onCore, F2, 96:ONE Youth Choir, and attended VBS. Her father, James, grew up at RPC, and her grandparents, Sally and Carl Kish, have been members for over 50 years. Her mother, Teri, joined in 1999 and is currently an active Elder, and her younger brother, Charlie, is in sixth grade.

What has been most meaningful in your faith development? 
“I believe that the ryeX youth program has been most meaningful in the development of my faith. Specifically, the camps and retreats, like Rutledge and eXtreme retreat, have really played an important factor in my relationship with not only God, but with the people in the church.”