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Go the 2nd Mile for Local and Global Mission Partners.

A special thanks to those who already made a commitment
and donated to support our local and global mission partners.

It’s not too late to make a gift or commitment!

Your contribution makes an impact near and far


Enlivening the dreams of students

as Neighborhood Action Ministry broadens their imaginations each week.



single moms at the Drake House to focus on their family’s future.


Equipping communities

in Kenya and Mexico with clean water for a healthier way out of poverty.

How are we going
the 2nd Mile for
Habitat for Humanity?

In 1999, Remzije Cerkini fled Kosovo with her two brothers. She worked diligently to learn English, get a job, and begin building a sustainable life in her new homeland. With RPC’s support, Remzije and her husband, Sadri, added their share of “sweat equity” and are now settling with their two children in a new house.


How are we going the
2nd Mile for R.O.C.K.
Bridge Ministries
in Kenya?

RPC financially supported the Water Project in a community lacking clean water. At the dedication, a local Muslim said that their prayers had been answered and now they have clean water for their families. What a great way to holistically spread the gospel!
Visit R.O.C.K. Bridge Ministries


How are we going
the 2nd Mile for
North Fulton
Community Charities?

What would you do if you suddenly found yourself out of work after eight years, pregnant and seriously ill? This happened to Rose Davies. Watch the video to learn how she managed with the help of NFCC. NFCC is one of the mission partners RPC funds through 2nd Mile for Mission.
Visit NFCC

Help us build a road!

Bring $2 to Sunday School to get your section of the road.
Or donate by clicking below, then download and print your section of the road to give to your Sunday School teacher to add on Main Street.

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We will be volunteering with five mission partners out in the community. We will start our day of service at RPC with a light breakfast and then we will break into teams and go off to the work sites. The mission partners we will be volunteering with that day will be Drake House, HomeStretch, Neighborhood Action Ministry (NAM), North Fulton Community Charities (NFCC), and Children’s Development Academy (CDA). We will reconvene back at RPC for pizza lunch at noon.

Reimagine Charity Seminar

With RPC Mission Consultant, Shawn Duncan

The way to end long term poverty is__________
This 2nd Mile for Mission Kick-off event will featured Shawn Duncan, consultant to RPC sharing next steps for RPC’s strategic mission engagement.

Watch Shawn Duncan’s TEDx Talk

WEF and Family Promise

During the Wednesday, May 8 Wednesday Evening Fellowship, our speaker was Executive Director of North Fulton’s Family Promise, Andrea Brantley. Listen to Andrea and stories of moving from an experience of homelessness to a life of flourishing sustainability from Family Promise alumni.

New volunteer opportunities are available to consider! Without volunteers, there would be not Family Promise ministry. Please consider one of the future opportunities: September 29 through October 6, 2019 or December 8 through December 15, 2019.

Do you have questions
about Family Promise?
Contact Theresa Merritt

Visit the Family Promise website