Sunday School for Adults


Community Groups at Roswell Presbyterian Church

Over a year ago, the Roswell Presbyterian Church Session conducted a strategic planning process to discern how God is calling Roswell Presbyterian Church to grow over the next five years. One of the initiatives that they discerned was an increased emphasis on Community Groups. We hope these groups will allow members to connect with new people, grow spiritually, and deepen existing relationships. 

In order to facilitate the design of these groups, the Community Group planning team has written a short survey to assess the current needs and desires of the Roswell Presbyterian Church community. Would you please take a few minutes (it will take fewer than five minutes!) to take the survey? 


Sunday School for Adults

Roswell Presbyterian has a number of different Sunday School offerings before 11:15 a.m. worship every Sunday (listed below).
All groups are co-ed and begin at 9:45 a.m. unless otherwise noted. 
If you have questions, please feel free to contact
Rev. Emily Wright, 770-649-4508.

Not sure where your class is located? Click here for a Map!

Term Studies at RPC are class offerings that allow participants to engage in extended study of a particular topic.


Sunday School Classes

Class Name





Bible Survey

CLB 243

This class will undertake a year long study of the Old Testament. All are welcome to join us on Sunday, December 23 for a special presentation, Mariology. We’ll look at scripture and the traditions to obtain a well-rounded view of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Clergy-led Class
Short Term Sunday Studies

CLB 242

Rev. Carrie Weatherford will lead a class in February. More details to follow.

(Growing in Faith Together)

SB 305

For couples, especially parents, ages 35+ to 45+.

Seeing Grey in a World of Black and White: Thoughts on Religion, Morality, and Politics by Adam Hamilton

The Jesus Study
Genesis to Revelation

Alderman Hall A & B

Session 2 meets Sundays, January 6 - April 14 (no class on Sunday, March 31). Bring your Bible.

(Jesus, Others and You)

SB 303

Currently studying the Heidelberg Catechism. All are welcome.


SB 301

New curriculum TBA will start in January 2019


CLB 240

This class of adults, age 50 and up, seeks insight, guidance, inspiration, and answers through the study of the Bible, Christian ethics and issues, and theology. Members are searching for ways to enliven our faith, to understand and affirm our beliefs in the context of modern society, and to live out an active and productive Christian life.

This class is currently doing a 5-week Advent study based on the DVD by Rev. Adam Hamilton, The Journey: Walking the Road to Bethlehem.

Spiritual Journeys for Women

SB 308

Various studies done by various leaders. This class is for women only.

Studying the Old and New  Testaments using Disciple 1.


SB 307

Study of the sermons of the previous weeks. Our pastors provide thought-provoking sermons each week with more ideas than we can digest in one hearing. In this class, we try to "get our heads around" the meaning of the messages by discussing sermons and other spiritual resources that challenge us to think about our beliefs and actions. We foster a non-judgmental atmosphere where we can share our questions and doubts about our faith and tackle the difficult theological questions with intellectual and spiritual honesty, good humor, and warm fellowship.