Session - Class of 2018

Elders - Class of 2018

Sharon Berner has been a member of RPC since January 2002.
Elder Assignment: Chair, Music Ministry - Worship Council

Sharon is married to Carl. She is currently a member of the Chancel Choir and Cantate Coeli and participates in the Chancel Choir Council. She has also been an AHMEN volunteer and helped as a landscaping volunteer.

At her prior church, she was involved with the Youth Fellowship and Council. 

When asked what person, program, or event has been most meaningful in her faith development, she states, "It is Mary Manhardt and the Music Ministry."

Debbie Cagle_1.jpg

Debbie Cagle has been a member of RPC since October 2010.
Elder Assignment: Chair, Congregational Care Council

Debbie is married to Chuck, and they have two daughters, Britt Grant and Margaret Jones, and five grandchildren. She is currently involved with the Stephen Ministry, the Visitor Calling Committee, and Dining for Eight. 

Debbie was involved in many areas at her previous church: the Personnel Committee, women's groups, youth groups, Sunday School teacher, nursery volunteer, Vacation Bible School Committee, mission trip participant, and taught Divorce Care for Children. She grew up at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, attended Sunday School, worshiped weekly, and was active in youth activities.

Debbie says, "It is impossible to say one thing, as each of the following has contributed to my faith development and was the most meaningful during different periods of my life. The list includes my former churches and their programs, Young Life where I gained a personal relationship with Christ, my mother-in-law, sacred music, and personal time in reflection and study of the scriptures as well as group Bible study."

Barbara Denkman has been a member of RPC since February 2009 (she was a previous member - so 20 years total).
Elder Assignment: Worship Council

Barbara currently serves as Communion Scheduler, member of the Executive Committee for Presbyterian Women (PW), Moderator for PW, and member of PW Circle 5, where she is Recording Secretary and writes monthly updates to Circle 5 members. At RPC, she has also been involved with volunteering for VBS, teaching 2nd grade Sunday School, worked in the kitchen during WEF, participated as a LINC caller, served as College of Elders Events Coordinator, worked on the 20th Anniversary Celebration for Lane, and many other groups.

Barbara was involved in many groups and events at her previous church, Peachtree Presbyterian. She is married to Fred Denkman and has two adult sons, Brad and Blair, who grew up at RPC.

Asked what person, program, or event has been most meaningful in her faith development, she stated, "The abiding love and faith shown to me and others during times of health issues, family issues, and other life crises, as well as in daily life, continues to be a manifestation of God's presence for me." 

Val Duke has been a member of RPC since August 2002.
Elder Assignment: Chair, Membership Ministry - Congregational Care Council

Val is married to Will and they have two children, Emily and Dallas. She is currently involved with The Carillons, served as a Confirmation mentor, and volunteers as a high school Sunday School and Bible study leader. Val has also volunteered in Kids Club/onCore, VBS, and as an elementary and middle school Sunday School teacher.

When asked what person, program, or event has been most meaningful in her faith development, she said, "Her parents and grandparents and her experience as a Sunday School teacher."


Josh Earhart has been a member of RPC since January 2002.
Elder Assignment: Chair, Mission Outreach Council

Josh attends the THINK Sunday School class. He serves as an usher, served on a Habitat for Humanity Ecumenical Build, and is a member of the Habitat for Humanity North Fulton Family Selection Committee. He is also a Guatemala Student sponsor.

Josh was Lead and Co-Lead Facilitator for the F.I.S.H. Sunday School class, and participated with Saturdays of Service, The Drake House, and RPC landscaping. Josh also worked on Charis house construction and Millbrook Circle reconstruction and renovation.


Michael Howell has been a member of RPC since May 2006.
Elder Assignment: Chair, Personnel Committee

Michael is a member of the Pathfinders Sunday School class. He has been a 5th grade Sunday School teacher, served on the Nominating Committee for the Executive Pastor, and participates in Wednesday evening programs.

Michael was raised in Marietta and has lived in Atlanta all his life except for his college years. He met his wife, Lori, through Peachtree Presbyterian Church and moved to RPC soon after their marriage. They have twins, Ben and Taylor, and a dog, Bailey, "who may appreciate me the most of everyone." 

Michael says, "My wife has helped me grow my faith more than anyone else."

Henry Johnson, Youth Elder has been a member of RPC since March 2014, as a member of the Confirmation Class of 2014.
Elder Assignment: Worship Council

Henry has been at RPC since preschool and was confirmed during 8th grade in 2014. He is currently a member of the 96:ONE Youth Choir, Sunday School, Wednesday night youth small groups, and is a VBS volunteer.

Henry stated he has seen his faith grow through experience with his family over the past several years. Small Groups with David Pynne and Rick Stewart and Camp Rutledge have been most meaningful in his faith development.

Ellen Lucciola has been a member of RPC since October 1994.
Elder Assignment: Chair, Financial Resources Ministry - Administration Council

Ellen is married to Steve and they have three children, Emma, Wesley, and Jake, who are very involved in ryeX. Ellen is a mentor for the junior girls and has been with them for four years. She participates in most youth retreats, Wednesday night small groups, and Sunday Bible studies. She has also served as the mission coordinator for Kenya.

In the past, Ellen has been a member of the Financial Resources Ministry, Bible study teacher, and has worked with many mission partners.

"Bible studies have been the most meaningful. Without that I don't think I would experience anything else quite the same. My mission trips and other ministry outreach are an expression of my faith lived out which brings His Word even more meaning."

Nancy Lupinski has been a member of RPC since October 2006.
Elder Assignment: Chair, Communications Ministry - Administration Council

Nancy serves as a Sunday School shadow, periodically substitute teaches in Sunday School, and is also a member of PW Circle 8. She previously served on the Membership Ministry, organized volunteers for the College of Elders dinner meetings, and helped to organize the church potluck.

She is married to Scott and has two sons, Alex and Ryan. "I love my job and work full time, running the Global People Development Team for Invesco."

What person, program, or event has been most meaningful in your faith development?
"In 2009, I was hospitalized halfway through my pregnancy and remained on bed rest at Northside until Ryan was born two months early. After bringing him home from a month in the NICU, a tree fell through our house while we were home ( a frightening experience), and we had to move out of our home for four months while it was repaired. That year of my life, at every turn, I really placed my faith in God - in his plan, in his grace in watching over me and my family, and in the comfort and peace he brought in this time of turmoil."

Christy Merritt has been a member of RPC since February 1999.
Elder Assignment: Mission Outreach Council

Christy is involved as a 5th grade girls Sunday School teacher and attends Rev. Emily Wright's Tuesday Early Morning Bible study. She has also taught 8th grade Confirmation through 12th grade Sunday School, taught 4th grade girls in 2014, and hosted Wednesday Evening high school Bible study for four years.

Christy's involvement at other churches included: serving as a Deacon, VBS leader, involvement with middle school and high school students, and serving as Youth Director.

She is married to Joe and they have two children, Emily and Joey. Emily was married to Dean Tretinik at RPC by Dr. Lane Alderman, and Joey is a dental student at the University of Louisville. Joey was confirmed at RPC and was active in the youth group.

Christy says the most meaningful program in her faith development was "... attending Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) for 4 years after moving to Roswell. During this intensive weekly Bible study, my knowledge of scripture increased greatly, and as a result, my obedience to His will for my life."

John Painter has been a member of RPC since March 2001.
Elder Assignment: Adult Study & Discipleship Ministry - Discipleship Council

John served as an Elder in the Class of 2007. Currently he participates in the Good News Sunday School class. He also is the Men of Faith Bible study leader, a Confirmation mentor, and a Wednesday night youth leader. John has also been a Guatemala mission trip participant for three years, Yucatan mission trip participant, Membership Committee Chairman, 175th Anniversary Celebration Committee member, DISCIPLE grad, LifeKeys grad, and has been a Confirmation mentor for many years. He helps in the kitchen and has served twice on an Elder Nominating Committee.

He and his wife, Paula, have three daughters: Morgan, a graduate of Georgia Tech; Ginny, a junior at Ole Miss; and Pressley, a 7th grader.

John says, "Leading the Men of Faith Bible study for the past 13+ years has been a tremendous opportunity to grow in my personal faith while developing lifelong relationships with other men who are dedicated to following Jesus Christ in their daily lives."

Richard Peebles has been a member of RPC since November 1994.
Elder Assignment: Chair, Generosity Ministry - Administration Council

Richard is married to Susan and they have two children. Lilly is attending the University of Tennessee - Martin, and Cam is attending Ole Miss.

Richard has been involved with Family Promise, The Mustard Seed Project, Fall Fest, Men of RPC, Friday morning small group, and grounds workdays. He grew up in 1st Presbyterian Church in Columbus, GA.

"1st Presbyterian, Sunday School, youth groups, Pastor Jim Johnson, Roswell Presbyterian, worship with Lane preaching, small groups, and Men's Retreat" are what have been most meaningful in Richard's faith development.

Mark Roberson has been a member of RPC since October 1998.
Elder Assignment: Chair, Mustard Seed Ministry - Mission Outreach Council

Mark served as an Elder in the Classes of 2004 and 2009. He is involved with The Mustard Seed Project, Men's Bible Study, and the Decorating Committee/Flower Guild. Previously he participated in Exploring RPC for 13 years, Planning Committee, and the Concert Series. Mark has served as a member of the Worship Council, Membership Ministry, and as an usher.

Mark serves on various councils and committees at the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta and currently is Co-Chair of Committee on Ministry. Mark and his wife, Beth, have been married 53 years. Beth is also very active at RPC. They have two children and three grandchildren.

"One of my most meaningful programs was Exploring RPC; to be able to meet new people, extend hospitality to them and in some way help them to find their place at RPC. Another meaningful program was Dial-A-LINC (later Elder Link) to train more than 100 elders to make contact with the membership on a regular basis. The most recent meaningful experience is The Mustard Seed Project."

Ted Seaman has been a member of RPC since November 1999.
Elder Assignment: Congregational Care Council

Ted is currently involved with the Men's Tuesday Bible Study, is on the Wit & Wisdom Committee, and participates in Wednesday Evening Fellowship, Guatemala Scholarship program, the Mission Auction, and is part of the Military Ministry. He has also been a member of the Every Member Giving Committee and Demographics Evaluation Group.

He is married to Barbara.

Ted says there are three factors that had a major influence in the development of his faith as a Christian, "The first was my marriage to Barbara. She was raised as a Presbyterian. The members of her family were faithful in their Christian beliefs and practices. Their attendance, participation in their church, and giving thanks at mealtime were an inspiration to me. This led to my baptism in 1959 while we were members of the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Youngstown, Ohio. The second was my association with the J.C. Penney Company. Mr. Penney named his first store The Golden Rule Store. The culture of our company was based on the Golden Rule. Mr. Penney remained an outstanding leader throughout my career. The practice of the Golden Rule as it pertained to both the associates and customers was an excellent fit for both Barbara and me. 42 years and 13 relocations with the company also strengthened our faith. The third was our move to Atlanta. We became members of the Peachtree Presbyterian Church. Dr. Frank Harrington was the Pastor. He was a dynamic leader in both the church and the community. We had an excellent relationship and he was truly an inspiration to both Barbara and me."

Joey Spain has been a member of RPC since October 2008.
Elder Assignment: Chair, Children's Ministry - Discipleship Council

Joey is married to Josie and they have four children, Caroline, Smith, Tucker, and Henry.

Joey serves as a table parent for onCore, volunteers with the elementary Sunday School, attends Wednesday night suppers, and is in the Pathfinders Sunday School class. He is also the New Member photographer.

While at other churches, Joey was a Church Delegate to two Southern Baptist Conventions, worked with youth groups and various music programs.

Asked what person, program, or event has been most meaningful in his faith development, he replied, "My grandfather and namesake was my pastor growing up. I traveled with him to many church revivals and mission trips across the country."