Elder Nominations for the Class of 2022

The Nominating Committee requests that you give prayerful consideration and submit the names of those members you would recommend using the form inside. The Class of 2022 will consist of 14 Elders and 1 Youth Elder. The Youth Elder should be in their junior or senior year of high school 2019-20.

Session Members

Rev. Jeff Meyers , Moderator

Rev. Jeff Meyers, Moderator

Doug Coe, Clerk of Session

Doug Coe,
Clerk of Session

Rev. Jeff Meyers, Moderator
Doug Coe, Clerk of Session
Jack McGinnis, Treasurer


Class of 2019
Linda Carlyle
Patty Cloy
Dolores Duvall
Bill Fleming
Paula Hedges
Julie Hellman
Sarah Kish
Teri Kish
Beth Lane
Allie McCubrey
Allen Robertson
Ed Searcy
Craig Sears
Helen Sharp
Robin Singleton
Mary Lynn Thach
Alan Van Dyke

Class of 2020
John Carruth
Michele Foust
Peter Heslin
Trey Huffman
Becky Keenum
Chrissy Kennedy
Jeff Luce
Jack McCoy
Kenny Miley
Frank Petru
Laura Phelan
Connie Seidel
Judy Smith  


Class of 2021
Ashley Alderman
John Chattin
Kris Cooper
Morgan Doyle
George Dunaway
Emily Flury
Michael Forrester
Jim Gruber
Jean Dancy Jones
Tonya Miller
Brent Rea
Sally Rhoden
Lisa Watkins
Carmen Newsom


What is an elder?
An elder is a member of this church who is tasked with strengthening and nurturing the faith and life of the people of this congregation.

What are the qualifications of an elder?
We believe that the only thing that qualifies anyone is the grace of Jesus Christ. However, we also believe that elders are leaders of the church and therefore are held to a higher standard. Our hope is that these men and women would most importantly live as disciples of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, both in word and works.