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The Waiting Room - Advent 2017 Devotional

Advent begins on Sunday, December 3.
Rev. Emily Wright, Senior Associate Pastor, Roswell Presbyterian Church

Advent is the season in the church where we prepare for the coming of the Christ child. It is a time for expectation of the joy that Christmas represents. But it is also a time of waiting.

We want to offer you a tool to help you as you wait. Our devotional this year features stories from RPC members. Through vulnerability, honesty, and great strength, these folks shared times when they had to wait. They reflect on the difficulty of that process, but also the ways that God sustained them in the process as well.

Waiting is hard work. God knows this full well. I pray that these stories encourage you in your faith each day. I pray that these stories provide connection to your church family. Most of all I pray that these stories remind you that you are not alone whenever you find yourself in a waiting room in life.

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