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Shaped by God - Wednesday, March 29 - Lenten Devotional 2017

 Nancy Hyatt

Nancy Hyatt

Shaped by God
Wednesday, March 29
Nancy Hyatt, member of RPC since 2008

Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble. - 1 Peter 3:8

Recent events have reshaped us.

Good health, but what if it fails you or someone you love? Unfair, especially when it affects the young.

When health fails, others must carry on. Things change. Your world changes, roles change. Caregivers are needed. Things are harder, but the rest of the world carries on as before.

These things happen every day. Part of life to see an ambulance racing by with lights flashing. That's why we have hospitals. As a nurse, I know these things.

Recent events have caused us to stand in those shoes. Always before they were someone else's shoes. Like so many things in life, you never really understand until it is you.

At Lent we contemplate Christ's last days, his darkest time.

Our family is three generations climbing the ladder of life. One generation following the other, at times looking up at the feet of the ones going before. At times coming alongside of ones in need. The generation before us has gone out of view so we are now atop the climb. Preparing too, for the time that the next generation may need to come alongside and help us.

Things change. The event. The ambulance. Emergency. ICU. The waiting. The praying. Now we must come alongside of the generations that follow.

We sometimes feel helpless, abandoned. Sometimes angry at the world, even at God. Will things get better or not? It this our new reality? How unfair.

I certainly don't like it. It has reshaped me though. We have a new found compassion for the suffering of others. We still have hope things will get better. Hope we will all regain our places on the ladder. We are in prayer every day. We continue to look to the promise of the resurrection and its new beginnings.

It is not that these things happened so we personally could gain these insights. But because they did happen, we now better understand how the shoes feel to so many in this broken world. We know how uncomfortable they can be at times.

Lord God, I pray that we all can come alongside people in need to make, whatever shoes they wear, just a little more comfortable. Amen.

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