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Journey to the Cross - Tuesday, March 22 - Lenten Devotional 2016

 Chad, Sarah, and Evie Langville

Chad, Sarah, and Evie Langville

Journey to the Cross
Tuesday, March 22
Chad Langville, member of RPC since 2011

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. - 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

When considering the life of Jesus, I value most His gratitude and ability to give God the glory for all things.

I find it too easy to accept all the credit when wonderful and amazing things happen in my life. I tend to forget about God in the good times. But, when faced with challenges and adversity in my life, I seek God out. Unfortunately, it is often long after the tough times and lots of hurt.

Growing up, I remember thinking I had much less than my wealthier friends. I always wished I had the same. Feelings of not being rich-enough have expanded into not being athletic-enough, smart-enough, good looking-enough, funny-enough, and other "not-enoughs".

Expressing gratitude to God for God's gracious blessings is the best cure for my "not-enoughs." Gratitude has helped me to see how God blessed me with parents who willingly gave up nicer cars, fashionable clothes, and expensive vacations. They valued a Christian education much more than any material thing.

As a type "A" person, striking a better balance between always wanting more and true contentment is a challenge. Practicing gratitude helps me find my balance. It is not always easy, but when I do, it also helps to shorten my path to God in the hard times.

Dear God, help me come to you always with a grateful heart remembering it is by your grace I am blessed in countless ways. Amen