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Journey to the Cross - Thursday, February 25 - Lenten Devotional 2016

 Chari Leitch

Chari Leitch

Journey to the Cross
Thursday, February 25
Chari Leitch, member of RPC since 2014

I am not alone, for my Father is with me. - John 16:32

As I think about Jesus, his life and what it must have been like for him during his preaching, teaching, and healing, the thing I see and value most is his not only coming to save "us", but his teaching of Love. He didn't go to the rich and powerful, or the best dressed, or the CEO, or the most popular, but he went to the poor, the needy, the helpless, and the sinners. I look at those last days and think that in the midst of what he was going to endure, even in the last breaths he breathed, that he was still caring, loving, and forgiving.

The thing that I am focusing on during this Lenten period is his Love. I think that we all sometimes tend to forget what the Love Jesus exemplified was all about. He didn't judge the poor and downtrodden, the prostitutes, the tax collectors, the Gentiles. I have to keep this in mind as I reflect on this past year and see how I have come to understand that we are all God's children. Looking at the society and time in which we live where we love somewhat conditionally, and many times judge without thought or understanding, how that must sadden Jesus.

The other thing I reflect on is the fact that just because we are Christians, we are not free from trials, difficult times, or difficult challenges, and yet by relying on the Lord to see us through, we can still have the peace that we as Christians should exemplify. Had I known ten years ago that I now would be twice divorced, a breast cancer survivor, and living in Atlanta, I would have been terrified. Many times I felt sorry for myself, or questioned why this "bad stuff" was happening to me. Now I have come to understand the value of God only letting us see a little at a time. I now know it was all part of his plan leading me to a new understanding of obedience and Love. After going through these past nine years of challenging times, I find myself at peace, realizing the difference between happiness and joy, and being more than content with all He has provided. I now know that he was beside me, leading me, or carrying me every step of the way.

Dear Lord, during this period of Lent, may we be reminded of your suffering and your death in order that we might have Life. Help us keep in mind through our daily lives that your main teaching was Love. Amen