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Saturday, March 21
Traci Churchill

I frequently read the Bible indirectly - that is, through another inspiring source that leads me back to it - and so it was during a particularly difficult passage of my life that I picked up a book gathering dust on my shelf, Mere Christianity, by C.S. Lewis. Even more indirectly, being a child of the '60s, it was the introduction by Charles "Chuck" W. Colson (of Watergate fame) that galvanized me. I have never forgotten the first time I read those words:

It was one of the extraordinary moments of my life. The words from that book - Mere Christianity, written by the great English Scholar C.S. Lewis - ripped through the protective armor in which I had unknowingly encased myself for forty-one years. Lewis wrote about man's great sin - his pride - as a spiritual cancer.

The events of my life flashed before me. I thought I had been driven by a desire to provide for my family, build a good law firm, serve my country. But in reality what I was doing all those years was feeding my pride, proving how good I was. Lewis convinced me that all my efforts had been in vain, that in my drive for the top I had missed the real pinnacle - to know God in a personal way.

And so it was that I learned that pride is a sin that kills from the inside out, and that, unwittingly, unfaithfully, I had spent the majority of my life a victim of - and committing - the sin of pride. All of the pieces of my then-shattered life started to come back together after this.

Dear Lord, Help us to realize that we are not on this journey of life alone, and that we share joy as well as sorrow with those around us, and find strength in the support we receive in times of pain. Amen