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Saturday, March 7
Linda Carlyle

Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them. - Romans 12:6a

How many times do you feel just plain ordinary, not smart enough or talented enough to handle a responsibility? You feel inadequate. Then you are the person God loves to use to show his extraordinary power. Feeling inadequate is the right mindset that he uses because you have to rely on his power and not your own. When God puts something on your mind, he is speaking to you to fulfill his will. In fact, feeling inadequate is almost a spiritual requirement for the job. Think of all the people God used in the Bible including the twelve disciples. They were ordinary men chosen to be his instruments to spread his message. You have read about the fathers of the faith that God chose to do his mighty deeds, but some replied, "Me? Not me. Please send someone else!"

God knows our gifts and talents. He chooses us even when that talent isn't fully developed. Our responsibility is to take that first step in faith. God always chooses work perfectly suited to us even when we beg to differ. He will enable you to do what he asks when you obey him.

Once I was asked to fulfill a church duty that I felt extremely inadequate for. My response was, "I'm not as talented as… I can't be (super church worker extraordinaire's name inserted)…," but I was asked to prayerfully consider it, which I did. In talking to a Christian friend about my dilemma, she had the perfect response. She said, "What an honor and God must want you to grow!" As a Christian, keep your mind and heart open to what God wants you to do. He knows you better than you know yourself. Grow into your gifts and share them.

Loving Father, Help me to listen to your still, quiet voice. Knowing that what I give, I receive, help me return gratefully the gifts I have received from you. Amen