Roswell Pres Blog


Saturday, March 28
Julia Stoll, Preschool Counselor, Roswell Presbyterian Preschool

Lord, I am your child and you are my parent.

When I am an infant, you feed me. You keep me safe and warm. You show me that a strong attachment to you makes me a secure person.

When I am a toddler and my emotions run wild, you soothe me. You calm me in my tantrums and teach me to manage my feelings.

When I am School age, you show me knowledge, guide me in the ways of human connection, and you help me recognize and acknowledge my gifts.

When I am a teenager, you settle my impulses and lead me back to the ways of good.

When I am an adult, remind me that child of God is a child of God no matter the age. You continue to feed me, to calm me, to show me knowledge, and lead me to good.

Lord, I am forever your child and you are forever my parent.