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Wednesday, March 11
Julianne Shirek, Director of Middle School Ministry, Roswell Presbyterian Church

But as for me, I will always have hope. I will praise You more and more. - Psalm 71:14

Hope is a word that I cling to when it seems like I can't do anything else, and Psalm 71:14 is a verse that I have stored away in my heart for the past 10+ years, especially during the more difficult seasons. I can't tell you how many times I have repeated that verse in my head, trying with all my might to actually do what it says. And let's be real... ALWAYS having hope isn't the easiest thing. When I am in the middle of what seems like the darkest of nights and daybreak seems light-years away, it certainly doesn't feel like I have hope.

But I do. The trick is reminding myself of that. I love looking back and seeing proof of God's faithfulness in my life. Proof that He is for me. Proof that I do, in fact, have reason to hope. Time and time again, He has brought me through seasons of feeling completely shattered, and He has restored me. When it seems like everything is falling apart, I remind myself that in Him, all things hold together. And for that, and so much more, I praise Him. The more I focus on praising Him more and more and more for who He is and all He has done in my life, the easier it is for me to hope.

During this Lenten season, may we be reminded of the ultimate, everlasting hope we have in the death and resurrection of Jesus. When life is going well, we have hope. When things are broken, we have hope. When our circumstances are crazy and chaotic and confusing, we have hope. Because of Jesus, we have hope. Always. May we remember that truth.

Dear God, I praise You for who You are and for all You have done. Help me to live out Psalm 71:14 and to remember that because of Jesus, there is always hope. Amen