Roswell Pres Blog


Saturday, February 21
Gretchen Collins

Be still and know that I am God... I will be exalted among the Nations, I will be exalted on the earth. - Psalm 46:10

This verse resonates with me as I crave quiet times. I know my need for stillness, peacefulness, and security. That is why this particular verse has long been a favorite.

My busy, on the go, too many commitments lifestyle is familiar to lots of us. I love a challenge and have dozens of interests, as is true of many in our church. I need downtime to counteract this frenetic pace. So please, turn off the TV, the computer, and the many manufactured noises with which we live.

Be Still and let me hear the symphony of chirping, rustling, rippling sounds outside my window.

Be Still and let me listen to the poetry of thoughts that swirl through my mind when there is no background noise.

Be Still and let me see this beautiful world, without the distraction of conversation.

Be Still and let me hear God; let me fall into the silent times in our worship services.

Be Still and let me feel gratitude for the love of dear friends who are my family in this congregation.

Be Still and let me talk to God; let me know God.

Heavenly Father, I pray that I do not let distractions and busyness take me away from you. Help me to remember your loving presence and not let worldly clutter separate me from you. Amen