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IPNC Update - Week of June 28, 2015

To the Congregation of Roswell Presbyterian Church,

I want to take a moment to provide you with an update on the work that has been done and the progress that has been made by the Interim Pastor Nominating Committee (IPNC) since our last update at the beginning of May. In short, we are making faithful progress. 

Soon after beginning the process, we quickly discovered that the traditional search process for an interim pastor may not work as well for us due to our unique needs as a church and congregation. Specifically, there are two qualities about RPC that make our search different than most. First, we are a healthy, vibrant congregation. The majority of the interim pastor candidates we have encountered have experience in mending broken congregations and broken relationships. We are blessed that this is not the case for us at RPC. Rather, we are seeking individuals that can lead from the pulpit every Sunday and provide the staff strong support through this transition period. Second, most interim pastors have experience in 250-500 person congregations. We are a large congregation with so many amazing things happening each and every week. We need someone who has experience with that level of complexity (ideally the right candidate would have experience serving a 1,500 person congregation or larger).

As a result, over the last month, we have shifted our search strategy to focus primarily on referrals. We have been connecting with individuals who are strongly networked within and around the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). From retired pastors and theologians to Seminary Presidents, we have tried not to leave any stone unturned. We've been gathering names and have been reaching out actively to find that "right" person. Some truly amazing and blessed conversations have unfolded from these calls. Sometimes those conversations take us down another path we couldn't anticipate. Other times it has left the individual in a period of discernment wondering what this means for him or her.

Where do we sit today?
I can confidently tell you that just recently we are beginning to find not only well-qualified candidates, but candidates that are intrigued that God may be calling them to RPC. This is wonderful and exciting progress!

As we continue to move down this path, I'm committed to keeping you updated on our progress. However, I do have two important requests of you. First, please keep us in your prayers. God is guiding this and we need His help on a daily basis. Your prayers are critical during this time. Second, while we feel as though we are making progress on our conversations with some wonderful candidates, we are actively looking to speak to as many people as possible. This process takes a congregation. If you have any recommendations, don't hesitate to contact a member of the IPNC. We would love to hear from you. 

And if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask myself or any other member of the IPNC. We will be happy to answer anything that may be on your mind and heart. Upward and onward.

Interim Pastor Nominating Committee Members:
Brandon Smith, Chair (Personnel Committee)
Bill Powell (Personnel Committee)
Sara Heslin (Personnel Committee)
Peter Scott (Worship Council) 
Carol Fowler (Mission Outreach Council) 
Tricia Patterson (Discipleship Council - Children's Ministry)
Rev. Lyndsay Slocum, Ex Officio Member

In Faith,

Brandon M. Smith
Chair, Interim Pastor Nominating Committee
Cell: (404) 403-6903