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We are ALL IN! - An RPC Generosity Story - The Spain Family

 The Spain Family: Josie, Joey, Henry, Caroline, Smith, Tucker

The Spain Family: Josie, Joey,
Henry, Caroline, Smith, Tucker

At RPC, the friends we have made over the years are more like extended family than just acquaintances we see in the pews a couple of times a month. Life has thrown many unexpected surprises and obstacles at us, yet RPC has always been the steady anchor holding us close to God and helping us weather all storms. Friends offering to help with the kids, people we don't even know bringing us meals, the clergy and staff checking in on us, people praying for us, etc. We think about the many blessings we have received over the years from so many people at RPC, and it's hard not to want to pay it forward!

Joey and Josie Spain have been members of RPC since 2008. They have four children: Caroline (9), Smith (6), Tucker (4), and Henry (4). Joey currently serves on Session and is the chair of the Children’s Ministry, part of the Discipleship Council. Josie serves on the leadership teams for both VBS and onCore. Together, they teach fourth grade Sunday School.

With four small children at home, we admittedly became regularly involved at RPC because of the consistent childcare. We used to joke that teaching Sunday School and then attending worship every Sunday was almost like a date night for us! However, over the years it has evolved into something much more than that. Serving at RPC deepens our relationship with God and each other. It is often said that "it's better to give than to receive," and we believe that to be the case at RPC. When we look back at the times we've felt closest to God, it has been during times of service: hearing the faith statements of confirmands, watching 400 children sing worship songs at VBS, listening to the third graders recite the Twenty-third Psalm, serving Communion, even just seeing one child "get it" in Sunday School.

Caroline's favorite place to serve is helping with new member photos because she loves to eat the delicious breakfast, but for us, that place is the Children's Ministry. Joey and I both volunteer on Wednesday nights for onCore, and we love seeing the fellowship among so many children, neighbors, parents, and even grandparents. On Sunday mornings you will find us teaching the fourth graders in Sunday School, and we both volunteer for VBS every summer. Kids absolutely amaze us with how much they grow (faith-wise and maturity-wise) over the years. We are constantly in awe of how much our kids are learning each week even (or especially) when we don't think they are paying attention!

Teaching Caroline's Sunday School class has connected us directly to her faith journey. We know exactly what they are studying and we are sometimes learning right along with the children - no matter how well you think you know the Bible, there's always something new to learn and explore! Have you ever heard the saying that the best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else? That has been the case for us. Teaching the children also feeds us spiritually. The Sunday School lessons oftentimes become the subject of our dinner time and car-ride conversations.

Seeing God at work through children, youth, and the other volunteers has helped us grow our faith. From Sunday School teachers, to the clergy, to choir directors, to Table Parents at onCore, to VBS leaders, to Henry's shadows in the Exceptional Children's Ministry, we have witnessed other volunteers loving our children as their own, and helping them to grow in their own faith. It is often said that "it takes a village," and seeing the time and energy that other people are putting into our children's faith journey has been amazing.

We can't even imagine our lives without Roswell Presbyterian Church. While we have primarily served in the Children's Ministry, we are excited to branch out and continue to serve in other areas of the church. We are ALL IN!

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