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ALL IN for One Another - An RPC Generosity Story - The Hoops Family

 Harrison, Stephanie, Hayden, and Drake Hoops

Harrison, Stephanie, Hayden, and Drake Hoops

As I drove away from RPC last Sunday, I reflected on the "ALL IN" Generosity 2018 campaign. I thought about just what this meant and what a unique slogan it was. I thought about what the phrase "ALL IN" means to teenagers - to be invited with friends; included; to be a part of something. And I remembered our church, its people, and how they were there when our family needed them the most.

My husband Drake went through the challenge of his life fighting cancer for 8 years. Drake's cancer returned around the time we transferred our church membership to RPC. Drake's illness was hard on everyone in our family, so we were very fortunate to already have many close family friends at RPC. RPC members faithfully provided meals, sent text messages and flowers, visited regularly, took Drake to doctors visits, and more importantly prayed for us.

I remember the Wolverton family bringing a prayer quilt that the church had prayed over during Sunday School. Elizabeth Coffee and the ladies from the Flower Guild brought flowers almost every week. Our Topics Sunday School class delivered meals and arranged outings for our children, who were 10 and 14 years old when "Round 2" of Drake's cancer battle began.

Dr. Lane Alderman and Drake had a very special friendship. Lane was experiencing his own health challenges, but was still there for Drake. They laughed and even cried at lunches together. Lane even came to our home on Ash Wednesday to provide Communion when Drake was unable to attend the service. One afternoon Emily Wright met me for tea and presented a crochet prayer shawl someone from the church had made.

Sweet Drake never stopped teaching Sunday School, coming to church, being a mentor for a confirmand, or being a faithful Christian until God called him to heaven. It was a blessing that afternoon at Piedmont Hospital in May 2014 that Bill Nisbet was there when we all held hands and said goodbye to Drake. We miss Drake every day.

In John 13:34-35, God says"Love one another, as I have loved you." We will be forever grateful to the members of Roswell Presbyterian Church for walking through this journey with us. Our family at RPC showed just what it truly means to be "ALL IN" for those who need it the most.

Through it all, the one thing I remember on the hardest days was feeling the prayers from our church and many other friends and family that gave us the strength to face each day. This was a great example for our children, Harrison and Hayden, to see how we were loved by so many so that they might provide this love to someone else one day.
— Stephanie Hoops, RPC Member since 2010

Is Your Heart In It?
You can make your financial commitment to the Generosity 2018-All In campaign online at Just fill out the online form and submit your commitment.

You can also return the card from your Generosity 2018 mailer or pick up a Generosity 2018 pew card, fill it out, and place it in the offering plate on Sundays or return it to the Church Office.

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