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Focus on God's Faithfulness - Lenten Devotional 2018 - Friday, March 9 - The Luce Family

 Luce family - Jeff, Denise, Levi, Avery, Wyatt, and Roxie (in 2015)

Luce family - Jeff, Denise, Levi, Avery, Wyatt, and Roxie (in 2015)

Focus on God's Faithfulness
Friday, March 9
Luce family - Jeff, Denise, Levi, Avery, Wyatt, and Roxie - members of RPC since January 2014

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." - Matthew 6:34 (NIV)

We were in the middle of nowhere, on I-95 in Florida, heading toward the beach. In an instant, pushing the gas pedal was not moving the car forward, and smoke was pouring out of the van. We were driving an early model Honda Odyssey. Yes, it was the transmission. It is one of those stories that has comedic elements, but only in hindsight. Our favorite element: of all the places in the state of Florida to come to a stop, our kids' door was opened at the spot of the world's largest red ant pile, a fact we only realized after all four kids had jumped into it! We rode in a tow truck the rest of the way and were able to get the transmission replaced at the Honda dealership in Daytona.

For the kids, this was an adventure. For the parents, it was a disaster. We were in the middle of a major career shift and money had rarely been tighter. The first few days in Florida were spent getting back and forth to the dealership to figure out what was going on with the van and how much it was going to cost. Not a relaxing beach time. It took us a few days to get to the point where we could understand that we would eventually get out of this. We would make it back home, would somehow get back to work, and would eventually pay for all of this.

The hope for our family is that it doesn't always take a few days to get perspective, look to God, and have faith that the future will get here whether we worry about it or not. For us to get out of our worrying patterns, it is important for us to unplug at least one day a week, from work and responsibilities. We also have put a limit on our technology intake ("tech time") because we have all noticed the connection between our grumpiness and too much tech time, which leads us to conflict and worry.

Questions for Kids

  • Do you suffer if your tech time is limited? Why?
  • What have you worried about lately? What do you do to stop worrying?
  • How can you play it cool when the unexpected happens?

Dear God, help us to not worry, stress, or freak out. Remind us that with everything that happens, You are in control. Amen.

The purpose of the season of Lent is to intentionally take time to reflect on Jesus' life and journey to the cross. The Lenten devotional is a tool to help people reflect on this journey.

The theme for this year's devotional is FOCUS. So much of lives we end up focusing on the wrong things. We focus on our jobs, families, bodies, friends, self, and tons of other things. How might our perspective on all things in our lives change if we focused more on our faith?

This year we want to make the devotional more accessible for families with children. In order to do that we have included some devotions that are written by families. We encourage all of you to engage with your children using this devotional as a tool.

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