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Focus on God's Faithfulness - Lenten Devotional 2018 - Friday, March 2 - Kristen Huffman

 Kristen, Trey, Andrew, and Katie Huffman (in 2015)

Kristen, Trey, Andrew, and Katie Huffman (in 2015)

Focus on God's Faithfulness
Friday, March 2
Kristen Huffman, RPC member since February 2008

Commit your work to the LORD and your plans will be established. -  Proverbs 16:3 (NRSV)

Many people would describe me as a focused person. It seems my whole life I have been focused on some goal or other. Encouraged by my parents, I was focused in school working towards good grades so I could attend a good college. As I graduated college, I was first focused on getting a job, next getting into graduate school, and then a job again. Before I knew it, I was in Atlanta, a city where I knew no one. My focus became making Atlanta my home, which led me to a great church. I found some interesting groups, but I was still quite lonely in my new city. During Christmas that year, I found myself in the hospital for a week after a ruptured appendix, followed by another week recovering at my parents' home. While I was focused on getting better, I also found myself with a lot of time to reflect and pray about my life and what was next for me.

I returned home to Atlanta with a new focus - to be in the moment and trust that God had a plan for me. It was then that suddenly some of the missing pieces in my life started to fall into place. I met a great guy (who would become my husband), and developed some close friendships that would last to this day (20+ years later).

While I am still a focused person, I try to be more focused in the moment rather than always thinking three steps ahead and maybe missing the treasure right in front of me. My focus is my family and being truly present for them as much as possible. I try to actively listen and be involved with them, but we have also strengthened our bonds through family vacations where we can be together without the pressures of day to day life and just enjoy one another. Of course, I still have hopes and dreams for all of us, and we try to do the things that will get us there; but I am intentional about staying focused in the moment and trusting that God will show us the way.

Dear God, help me to stay focused on the things that are important in Your eyes and trust in Your will. Keep my heart and mind open to be present in my life and see the opportunities and gifts You have laid before me. Help me to leave my fears, hurts, and disappointments with You and feel Your love and strength as I go through the day. Amen.

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