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Sunday, November 29 - Advent 2015 Devotional

 David and Suzy Lyon, members of RPC since 1995

David and Suzy Lyon, members of RPC since 1995

Sunday, November 29 - First Sunday of Advent
David and Suzy Lyon

The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore. - Psalm 121:8

I don't know why in September of 2013 I was thinking of the Christmas story we all know, a scared, pregnant teenage girl and her husband-to-be making the journey to Bethlehem. Not being able to find a room, she gave birth to the Christ child in a manger. It would be very normal for both Joseph and Mary to say "It's not fair! Why is this happening to us?" But they didn't. They faced their difficulties letting God guide them through everything. And the world was changed.

The doctor told me early in September 2013 that my only hope was to receive a transplant for my lungs that were affected by an incurable disease. To receive a transplant several things have to line up. First, they must find a donor of about the same height. The blood types must match, and the donor's lungs must be acceptable for transplantation. And most importantly, the donor must have indicated their desire to be an organ donor.

God deals with what is, not with what if. When faced with a crisis we have a choice. We can ask God to walk with us through the difficulty or throw up our hands and ask why is this happening to us.

Our choice was to do everything we could do, and leave the rest to God. I took a host of medical tests necessary to be accepted and placed on the transplant list. After only four days on the transplant list, we got the call that a possible donor had been found. We rushed to the hospital, and the lungs were acceptable for transplant. I received one lung, and a man from Augusta, GA received the other. We still keep in contact and celebrated our two-year anniversaries in September 2015.

A miracle happened in that manger on the first Christmas. They still happen.

Amazing God, we praise you for the miracles in life. Remind us to always ask you to walk with us through difficulty. Amen