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Thursday, December 24 - Advent 2015 Devotional

Thursday, December 24 - Christmas Eve
Sally Swan, High School Student at Roswell Presbyterian Church and a member of the Confirmation Class of 2012

Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. - Luke 2:10

As a child I had a reputation in the Westchester swim team as the girl that would smile while she was swimming. I didn't do it because I enjoyed swimming that much - I love softball - but I did it because I was joyous. Swim team meant summer, and summer meant hanging with friends and watching SpongeBob every day, and for 10-year-old Sally, that brought lots of joy. Joy is something that even from a young age was something I loved to partake in. People constantly ask me why I am smiling or what is making me so happy and I wouldn't be able to tell you, all I can say is that I am thankful for it.

With this coming of the Christmas season (or with any Christmas season), I tend to be more joyous than normal. Every house is decorated, music is filling up every room, cookies upon cookies upon cookies. I mean if that doesn't say joy I don't know what does. This word helps define what Christmas means to me because throughout this entire season I have uncanny amounts of joy. Part of the reason that there is so much joy is because we are celebrating gifts. Who doesn't love getting up on Christmas and tearing that wrapping paper to shreds to see the treasure inside? The answer: no one. But the main gift that brings us joy is the gift of Jesus. There is no tangible item that compares to the gift of Jesus and the joy that he brings to us in our everyday life.

When hearing good news it can only bring great joy, so I hope and pray throughout this holiday season you are able to experience the type of joy where you aren't afraid and are able to relish in all the amazing gifts our Lord has given to you.

Dear Lord, I hope during this entire season that we may all partake in the wonderful gift which is your Son and that he may bring each and every person great joy. Amen