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A Message of Gratitude and Appreciation from the Aldermans

Dear Family and Friends,

This Father's Day, Sunday, June 19, would have been Lane's 62nd birthday. As those of us in the family remember him especially on this day, we would like to use Lane's blog to send a message of our gratitude and appreciation to all of you who meant so much to Lane and us all during his lengthy battle with cancer. During these past few years when his illness became more severe and his health became more challenging... your care, support, encouragement, and prayers were Godsends to all of us. He felt the love and concern of so many folks that he knew throughout the entire course of his life and was so grateful for each one's kind words and prayers for his health and well-being.

Lane was blessed to have been the pastor of three wonderful churches during his 35-year ministry: First Presbyterian Church of Perry, FL; First Presbyterian Church of Vicksburg, MS; and lastly, Roswell Presbyterian Church. Words cannot adequately express how much the people in these congregations and in these communities meant to him. He poured his life into the ministry of each of these churches, and he so loved the people in these congregations that he was privileged to serve.

Lane was so very touched before he passed away with the honor of having the Fellowship Hall of Roswell Presbyterian Church renamed Alderman Hall. He was deeply devoted to the work and mission of Roswell Presbyterian Church, and nothing could have been more meaningful to him than to have had this wonderful place of service, learning, fun, and fellowship named for him.

In addition, Lane would have been overwhelmed at your outpouring of love at his memorial service and the lovely reception that followed. On behalf of our family, we want to say "thank you" to everyone who helped make the service, the reception, and the entire day so very meaningful for us. It could not have been more beautiful.

Our family is so very grateful for the heartfelt outpouring of sympathy following Lane's passing. Your love and prayers have uplifted and strengthened us during this time. We miss Lane so very much, but his legacy of faith and love lives on and keeps our hearts from being quite so heavy with sadness.

With our deepest appreciation,
Ellie, Ashley, Daniel and Desi