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A Letter to the Congregation from Dr. Mark Brewer - RPC Staff News - Brad and Julianne Clayton

Dear Friends,

It is hard to believe, Carolyn and I have been here seven months already. You are an easy church to bond with and have been so kind in welcoming this 'western' couple into your family. Some great things are happening around here. Our finances are really solid after the first half of the year, new members are joining every month, and the ministries are firing on all cylinders.

One of the great investments Roswell Presbyterian Church makes for the Kingdom is hiring talented younger staff and helping prepare them for the day when they will be leading their own ministries. Just like a teaching hospital prepares their young physicians, so teaching churches like RPC are crucial for the next generation.

As RPC's Interim Senior Pastor, I do have some bittersweet news to share with you. Brad and Julianne Clayton have accepted a call to another Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Brad will be their new Senior Pastor. That's the bitter part of the news in losing two such talented, caring, and beloved members of the team. The sweet part is the wonderful opportunity this is for them in their ministry to Christ and his Church.

For the next month, we can wish Brad and Julianne well as they get ready for this next chapter. On Sunday, July 24 after the 11:15 a.m. service, we will have a reception where we can give them our hugs and blessings as the Lord leads them onward.

After celebrating Brad and Julianne's next calling, we need to ensure the ministries continue on with little disruption. We've started planning on how to make sure the good seeds they planted at RPC continue to grow and flourish. Your Senior Leadership Team has already prayerfully reassigned the major responsibilities and is looking ahead to our next team members coming on board.

Christ's mercy and peace,

Dr. Mark Brewer
Interim Senior Pastor
Direct Line: (770) 649-4504

A Letter from Brad and Julianne expressing their love for you and appreciation for the chance to work at Roswell Presbyterian Church.

To Our Roswell Family:
The past five years have been an overwhelming gift of grace for us. We both took a leap of faith to join this church without fully knowing what God had in store for us. Those first days were filled with expectations and anxiousness as we each searched for the ways that we could serve Roswell Presbyterian with our whole hearts. Now after five years, it is clear to both of us, that we have gained far more from all of you than you have gained from us. We feel blessed that our family began here and that we have been supported by so many mentors and friends as we follow God's calling together. Your prayers and encouragement have made a huge difference in our marriage, and we give thanks to God each and every day for all of you.

In recent days, we have faced a new challenge in ministry. Another church has called us to continue our ministry with them, offering Brad a position as senior pastor. After much prayer and conversation with family, we realized that God is calling us to this new opportunity. Accepting this calling has been very difficult, because we have no desire to say goodbye to all of you. We have felt happy and heartbroken at the same time. However, we believe that if God is calling us to a new place, it is because God not only has a plan for us, but God also has a plan for you. In moments like these, when we experience God calling us, our first step is to trust in Christ, and have hope that God is holding our hand through each step. As difficult as it may be to leave our Roswell family, we always want you to have the courage to take leaps of faith, and so we must have that courage, too.

Our last Sunday will be July 24, 2016 and until then we will be working through this transition with you. Please know that we will miss you all, especially the children and youth who have touched our hearts and all of you who have done so much to care for this congregation and for us both. You each have taught us so much, and we now carry many priceless memories of you within our hearts. You will always be a part of us, and though our time as RPC staff is ending, our time as your friends in Christ is only beginning. Please know that all of you are loved dearly, not only by us, but most of all by Christ the Lord. We are blessed beyond all measure to dwell in God's grace, and after all that we have been through together, we are eternally grateful that we have dwelt in that grace with you. We love you and we will miss you.

Grace and peace,
Brad and Julianne Clayton