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30-Day Prayer Devotional for RPC - Day 34

Day 34

Remember your leaders who taught you the word of God. Think of all the good that has come from their lives, and follow the example of their faith. - Hebrews 13:7

Dear God,

We are so grateful for the Pastors and Staff of Roswell Presbyterian Church, who have worked so diligently to make this congregation one that displays your love to the world. We have been blessed so greatly by their lives and the ways in which they live out their faith daily at RPC. We are especially grateful to those who serve as our Pastors, who have done so much to teach us the word of God. We will be ever grateful for Lane and the devotion he showed this church in sharing the Good News with us in a way that educated and challenged us, calling us to live in a way that exemplified you. We give thanks for Mark and for his time with us at RPC; for his sense of humor, his compassion, and the love he has shown us. We thank you for Emily and her willingness to lead with humility and transparency. We give you thanks for her enthusiasm for discipleship, especially of our youth, and her devotion for growing us all as disciples in Christ. We give thanks for Lyndsay and the care and love she so genuinely shows to others; we have been blessed by her passion for Jesus and her ability to see you present in even the darkest places. We are grateful for the work of Mary and the devotion she shows to the needs inside and outside this church. We give thanks for her skills in growing relationships with others and for her ability to strengthen the ties of RPC to the world around us. Lord, we are incredibly grateful for Bill and the intimate work he does each day to share your love, compassion, and empathy to those who are hurting. Thank you for his quiet strength and his ability to shoulder the many burdens of those who hurt and are in need. We also thank you for Carrie and Drew who lead our children in the study of you and your Word. We are grateful for their passion to share your love and the knowledge of you with even the least of these.

For these talented, gifted people, we give you praise, Lord. As we reflect on their faithful lives, we give thanks. Thank you that they have and continue to answer your call. We pray that we would be a grateful congregation that shows them our love and gratitude. Help us to support our Pastors so that they can lead us in a way that always honors you.

We pray also, Lord, for the person who will come to us next as the Senior Pastor of this church. We pray for the gifts and talents of that person - that their gifts will perfectly complement those of our current staff and that all of them will be able to work together with a synergy and passion that inspires everyone around them. We pray that people who witness the workings of RPC will be simply amazed by the energy, passion, and love that empowers its people and that RPC will continue to do great and wonderful things in your name always.

In your name we pray, AMEN.

** We will continue the Prayer Devotional for RPC through Sunday, November 20, specifically in light of the exciting news that the PNC has unanimously approved a candidate for nomination as RPC's next Senior Pastor and the Congregational Meeting will be Sunday, November 20 immediately following the 11:15 a.m. worship service.

We follow the next week with some Give Thanks! devotions and then we will start Advent with our scratch-off Advent 2016 Calendar. 

The daily devotion and prayer will be posted to this blog and you can also sign-up to receive this information via text message, text @rpcpray to 81010 or sign-up online.

If you have any questions about the 30-Day Prayer Devotional, contact Emily Smith, 770-617-6438.