Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have other questions, please contact any member of the PNC or email us at
Thank you for your continued prayers and support during this time.

All the acronyms and terminology can be confusing. What do they all mean?

  • Teaching elder/head of staff - All ordained ministers of the word and sacrament in a church, including senior pastors, are teaching elders. Session members are ruling elders.
  • PC(USA) - Presbyterian Church (USA), the denomination to which Roswell Presbyterian Church belongs
  • Presbytery - The local governing body for PC(USA) churches in our area. Roswell Presbyterian Church belongs to the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta. Our pastors are members of the Presbytery, not Roswell Presbyterian Church.
  • PNC - Pastor Nominating Committee, members elected by the congregation to discern God's call regarding the next senior pastor (teaching elder/head of staff) for Roswell Presbyterian Church.
  • MIF - Ministry Information Form is used by our denomination to list information about Roswell Presbyterian Church and the job description for the senior pastor (teaching elder/head of staff) position.
  • PIF - Pastor Information Form, similar to a pastor's resume or curriculum vitae.
  • CAT - Congregation Assessment Tool, a survey our congregation participated in during late 2015. The results are available online in audio and printable format.

Who are the members of the PNC at Roswell Presbyterian Church?
There are eleven men and women serving on the PNC. They are Paulette Brown, Tom Duane, George Dunaway, Henry Hicks, Lori Howell, Lynn Keenum, David Pynne, Sally Rhoden, Mark Roberson, Marian Seaman, and Cade Thacker.

You can contact any committee member directly or reach our Co-Chairs, George Dunaway and Lori Howell, via email at


How will the PNC communicate with the congregation?
The PNC is committed to keeping the congregation informed about the search process to the best of our ability. We will provide information in the church bulletin, via email, through RPC's website, and at times, during Sunday worship. There will be a time during the process, however, when confidentiality requirements will prevent us from sharing specific details of our work. We encourage you to share your comments, questions, and suggestions with us at any time.


How can I help at this stage?
Please email our chairs at with any referrals (i.e. names of pastors you think would be a good candidate for RPC's next Senior Pastor). Share your comments on why you are recommending this pastor and include insights into this person's particular gifts and reasons why he/she would be good for RPC.

We welcome the congregation's continued prayers as we work to discern God's plan and to identify RPC's next Senior Pastor.


What criteria will be used to evaluate candidates for pastor?
The PNC will develop criteria based on the results of a congregational survey, comments shared by members during Listening Sessions, our Ministry Information Form, and interviews with staff, session, and clergy. With God's help, we are prayerfully seeking a pastor who can meet the needs of our vibrant, Christ-centered congregation.


How will the new Senior Pastor be chosen?
Members of the Pastor Nominating Committee will search for and identify candidates for the position. After an extensive search and interviews of finalists, they will recommend a candidate to the congregation. The search process will likely last at least a year, but there is no set timetable. All of this work by the PNC is done in cooperation with the Committee on Ministry (COM) of the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta through its representatives who met with and remain resources for the PNC.


Why does Roswell Presbyterian Church need approval from the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta to hire a new pastor?
The Presbyterian Church is a connectional church, which means we work together on common issues. Presbyterian pastors are not members of the churches in which they serve, but must be members of the presbytery in which that church is located. The Presbytery of Greater Atlanta, through its Committee on Ministry, has responsibility for vetting and accepting into membership in the presbytery all pastors in their region of jurisdiction.


Will candidates preach from RPC's pulpit during this evaluation process?
The processes we follow do not encourage or allow a potential pastor to preach at RPC before they are officially selected and recommended to the congregation. Rest assured, however, the PNC is aware of the importance of strong preaching skills in our next Senior Pastor and will include many reviews and viewings of sermons before selecting any candidate.


Will the PNC share names of those being considered?
Confidentiality is of the utmost importance throughout this process, so we will not be sharing the names of candidates either during the search process of after a pastor is called. It is essential to the search process that we maintain a high level of confidentiality so that congregations of prospective pastors do not "hear through the grapevine" that their pastor has submitted a PIF and is considering serving another congregation. The PNC would not want anyone's career to be negatively impacted because of a breach of confidentiality.