Parking on Sundays

Roswell Presbyterian Church has on-campus parking.

Our on-campus parking lots are located around/near our Sanctuaries and Congregational Life buildings. There is a designated tier of parking spaces for first-time visitors and those with limited mobility in our Oak Street parking lot at the north end of campus.

Please park in designated parking spots within the lined spaces to avoid blocking fire lanes and creating unsafe conditions. Please drive slowly while on campus, as the parking lots are busy throughout the week due to ongoing activities at RPC.

On Sunday morning, in addition to our on-campus parking, we have four alternate parking locations. The following local businesses (within walking distance) allow RPC visitors/guests to park in their lots:

  • Green Basement and Remodeling, 836 Atlanta Street, Roswell
  • CVS Store Support Center, 821 Atlanta Street, Roswell
  • Red Baron Private Reserve - located between Wender & Roberts Pharmacy and the CVS Store Support Center
  • The rear parking lot of SOCA Village on Oak Street (where the entrance to Carpet Depot is located)

Map of alternate parking areas available to RPC.

Returning in August

RPCXpress Shuttles from Roswell City Hall to Roswell Presbyterian Church return on Sunday, August 5.

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Parking for RPC and Independence High School.png

Parking and Independence High School
Monday through Friday

RPC welcomes Independence High School as our next-door neighbor beginning Tuesday, January 9, 2018.

During the week, Monday through Friday, we will have limited parking in the Oak Street/North parking lot. For those coming to Roswell Presbyterian Church and parking in the Oak Street/North parking lot, please park in the lower and middle tier areas of the parking lot closest to the RPC playground.

Here is a diagram of where we are allowed to park in the Oak Street/North parking lot.