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Three days in one post!! (is that a record?) - Mon, Tues, Wed - Guatemala 2017

It has been several days since our last update. Very sorry! Monday was our first day really working in Guatemala. We went to the school in Chichi first for the morning and did VBS with kids from kindergarten to 6th grade. With creative ways of communication (and ok, a very helpful translator), we were able to teach a full lesson, make playdoh, and other activities. After that, a group went to do some craft projects with the women of a local community, while another group worked on construction doing concrete and roofing. After that, it was dinner, devotion, and then to bed.

Tuesday was another fun and challenging day. Day 2 of VBS, but this time at Chulumal school. The children were so excited we were there and we were able to also teach them a full VBS lesson and other crafts. That was after we had an assembly where we got all the kids together to hear a story about being friends with Jesus and then they all sang and danced along to our songs. After that, we split up again with some going back to construction and others traveled to a church where we held a community activity with crafts for the local women. They loved the bags and bracelets they made and we knew they were enjoying themselves, even though we could not understand them. That night we were blessed to have Pastor Thomas and his wife, and Sergio and Serapio and their family join us for dinner. It was so amazing to hear their perspectives about faith and the importance of the church, and how RPC has helped them help their community.

Wednesday was the last day of VBS at Chulumal and it was bittersweet. Even though we were only there two days, many of us felt such a connection to the children already, so leaving them was tough. However, that did not stop us and them from having a blast that morning. We had another assembly where the kids loved to dance and sing along with us. They were so animated and energetic, is was wonderful to see. After school got out, some of our group stayed behind to hold a craft session for the women of Chulumal. They made shawls which looked amazing, and the women loved them! The other group went to another construction site where they put down concrete and roofing. That night we were joined by some special guests, Pam and Jose and Grace and Juan. These amazing people are involved with the boarding school in Quiche, and work with us to help these kids get an education. It was enlightening to hear their stories of how God worked miracles in their lives.