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Morning of Day 2

It's a beautiful, peaceful morning at Casa del Rey! I sat outside the hotel around 6:45 this morning to enjoy the cool weather and natural beauty that surrounds us here. I could hardly get through a few words of the devotional without hearing a hummingbird whir by or our close neighbors speaking in a blend of Spanish and Quiché (the local indigenous language). And I must say, it may seem that our neighbors were interrupting a quiet moment this morning, but it felt exactly the opposite. As I sat and thought about the Lord's purpose in bringing me here and his presence in this place, I couldn't help but feel that He did not want me to be alone in that moment, but was rather encouraging me to connect with our Guatemalan neighbors this week in every way I can. Our devotional this morning reads that God is in the people, whether they be people here in need or in the members of our team. Our devotional book this week is particularly special because they were written a few years ago by the late Dr. Alderman. I hope that we can all embody his friendship and enthusiasm as well as his faithfulness this week as we continue to look for how God is working in this place.

  • Katie