Mission Outreach Blog

Guatemala day three.

by Robby Cella, Director of Youth Programs

Today the team hit the work sites in earnest. A team headed outside of Chichi to help build the walls, floors, and roof on a family’s home - a huge project that the team tackled wonderfully. Another team put on VBS for the kids in and around the Chulumal school. With 85 kids, three stations, and 18 from the team, it was a great success. After VBS, that same team went to work laying a floor in the school itself, an important step in an ongoing project to improve its facilities.

The work done is a huge help to the families and a wonderful time of learning and fun for the kids. Yet, the challenges which these wonderful families and children face are so massive and far reaching that it's hard to even feel like you're scratching the surface of the problems. We welcomed the head of Chichi’s hospital - the only hospital for miles - for dinner, and he informed the group that most families in the region survive on less than $10 a week - that supports families of 5, or 8, or more.

In the face of seemingly overwhelming poverty, which of course brings a host of other problems, it can feel like only a drop in a bucket towards real relief. Yet, we're called forward by the God who knows these families and loves them more than we could; the same God that has been working, that is working, and will continue to work in the hearts and lives of these people with a relentless love. The same love that he pursues each of us with every day.