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Guatemala day 7

by Robby Cella, Director of Youth Programs

With the week of work behind us, the group explored the city of Antigua. The city is full of history. Spanish conquistadors, Catholic cathedrals, Mayan ruins, three volcanoes, and the San Andreas fault - all coverage in this town. It's a marvelous place to examine the history and influences in Guatemala. The group enjoyed great meals, a comfy hotel built from an ancient Spanish Villa, and more colorful markets. In a action packed week full of emotional highs and lows, it was a much needed reprieve, one which added significant depth to our time here.

Tonight, our final night together, ended with a special time of reflection and affirmation of one another. It was the perfect bow to tie the bonds of this group together one last time.

We're thankful to our church, to our families, and to all those who made this trip possible. Most importantly, we're thankful for the one who formed us, called together and sent us out for the good of Guatemala and for his Glory.

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