Mission Outreach Blog

End of Day 3 - Delayed

Hey folks. Sorry we couldn't update you last night. The power was out at the hotel from 7 till past 10. However, yesterday was still a great day! The VBS groups went back to the schools they were at on Monday and stayed with the kids till 12:30. We continued the lesson we started yesterday about Jonah and the whale at Chulamal, and the kids at Chichi learned English worship songs and performed them for the rest of the school. We did some crafts with the young kids at Chulamal including making a paper horn which the kids loved. Then we ate lunch and were transported to our construction site of the day where we met some of the men. They had been there all morning! The job yesterday was to build an entire house, and on the side of a mountain no less! So let's just say the walk down and then back up was...challenging. Our entire team persevered though and we had an extremely productive day building the frame and putting up all the walls and roof. It rained for a bit which made the dirt paths and the whole ground slippery, which resulted in quite a few slips in the mud. When all the work was done for the day we rode the winding roads back to Casa del Rey. Soon after we got there it became quite a bit darker when the power went out. We ate dinner and had devotion by the lovely candlelight. The Muñoz family, who lives in Guatemala and works in the large school we are visiting today, were our honored guests for devotion last night. They work with many of the scholarship students that RPC sponsors. Even though the dark made some things difficult, you could say it brought us all closer together (meaning there was no wifi).

Keep us in your prayers and we'll keep you updated! - Camille