Mission Outreach Blog

Day 4

Sorry we haven't been posting much lately, internet connection has been limited. But today was an interesting day! In the morning we went to the market here in Chichi, which is always a wonderful but hectic experience. You have to be very careful about even looking at things unless you're sure you want to buy them because the Guatemalan vendors are very persistent. Even our dad, a seasoned veteran of the Chichi market, made the mistake of asking a woman selling tapestries "Cuanto cuesta?" (How much does it cost?). She followed us around the whole market trying to bargain for the next 25 minutes until he finally bought one of her handmade tapestries for 100 Q, which is a little more than $10. And while we sometimes feel frustrated when we buy something just to get a vendor to leave us alone or when we see something that we bought for half the price somewhere else later, at the end of the day it's all good. We're getting "ripped off" a few cents, maybe a dollar or two, but that's a lot of money to these people, and we can assure you they'll get more out of it. In the afternoon Bruce and some of the other men went back to our latest construction site to put finishing touches on the new house. We, however, went with the rest of the kids on "Snoddy's Secret Adventure", for which we signed up before we knew what we were doing. We realized later why he didn't tell us what we were doing before we signed up... We rode in the back of Mr. Mark's and Serapio's trucks with 4 piglets who, while very cute, were NOT happy to be on the road with us. I guess nobody told them to use the bathroom before we left because we ended up sitting in some of it by the time we got to the worksite. We delivered three pigs to Pastor Tomás and his wife, who have been with us and helped us this week, and to two older women who can no longer work, with the hope that they will let it get really big and then sell it and buy another pig with some profit. We gave the last pig to the family who will be living in the new house. The family was a lot more excited for our delivery than the pig was! On the way back we got absolutely soaked in the back of the trucks, only seeking refuge for a few minutes at the shoe factory.  We're now all safe and dry at the hotel relaxing before we have to get ready to leave for Antigua. We'll be heading out in the morning. We're not sure when we'll be able to get Wifi again but we'll try to post as soon as we can in Antigua. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts!

  • Camille and Katie