Mission Outreach Blog

Day 4 - Kantemo, Yucatán, Mexico

by Kemo Jones, Director of Youth Outreach

One of the most important things I've learned about mission outreach is that while having food, shelter, and providing medicine is essential for healthy communities, as God once told the great David Pynne, "It's about relationships..." 

When I first came to Mexico, I had no idea what to expect. I knew we would be helping women and children, but I didn't know if what I had to offer could really benefit people here long term. After all, I don't have many hard skills or trades to offer. However, I have found this trip to be less about "what can USA do for you" but how can we help each other. This is relational ministry (and I love to talk!). You don't have to be very intentional when you're giving handouts and that might not last. Buildings crumble, food gets eaten, and medicine gets used, but internationally spending time with people with hopes of making a friend changes lives forever.

79-year-old Pastor Severo has been living by this principle for 54 years (two life times for me). He says even though his own children want him to retire, when he sees the first generation of children he ministered to now as church leaders, it only gives him more passion to continue God's work.

I pray that we are able to see that relationships are what's most important. May we continue to do good works in Jesus name for the glory of God. 

Shots from today...