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2nd Mile for Mission - Then and Now: God at Work - Day 10 - Love the Child

2nd Mile for Mission
Then and Now: God at Work - Prayer Journal 2017
Day 10 - Love the Child

Ben Coe, RPC Champion

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs." - Matthew 19:14 (NRSV)

Roswell Presbyterian Church has been a faithful supporter of Amor del Niño (Love the Child), a Guatemalan orphanage, for many years. This longtime relationship has afforded us healthy and more sustainable ways to help those who are living with and caring for the most vulnerable in this beautiful but financially challenged country.

Almost 10 years ago at another RPC mission partner event, a Habitat for Humanity build, I was invited to learn more about the broader mission outreach of the church. That was the beginning of a continuing journey for me with our partners in Guatemala. I began going on numerous mission trips and met the director of Amor del Niño, Shyrel Osborne. Because of my passion for this ministry, I was especially honored to join the Board of Directors as the organization strived to create a more inclusive and diverse leadership.

As is common for active and growing non-profit organizations in the global South, we have suffered many challenges for the past two years. However, it is very clear that we are doing God's work and that he has never left us during the difficult times. For example, a relatively small, converted home had been rented for many years and as the needs outgrew the space, land was purchased to build a larger facility. But alas, that was not God's plan! Obstacles kept thwarting OUR plans (including rent escalating at almost 100% per month), but in the midst, another plan suddenly surfaced.

A newer and more spacious home was offered for purchase and now the children of Amor del Niño are cared for in a lovely area that is also closer to where their caregivers live. All are doing wonderfully and thriving as never before. There continues to be challenges, as there will be when dealing with almost 50 abandoned and abused infants, but God is with us every step of the way.

Most gracious God, guide our hearts and our minds as we support the efforts of Shyrel and the staff at Amor del Niño and watch over all the precious, vulnerable children in their care. Amen.

2nd Mile for Mission is RPC's annual Mission Outreach giving campaign where every dollar goes out the door to directly benefit our local and global mission partners. Our goal for 2017 is $150,000. 

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