Small Groups

Community Groups

Over a year ago, the RPC Session conducted a strategic planning process to discern how God is calling RPC to grow over the next five years. One of the initiatives that they discerned was an increased emphasis on Community Groups. We hope these groups will allow members to connect with new people, grow spiritually, and deepen existing relationships. 

In order to facilitate the design of these groups, the Community Group planning team has written a short survey to assess the current needs and desires of the RPC community. Would you please take a few minutes (it will take fewer than five minutes!) to take the survey?

Your feedback is essential in helping make these community groups the best they can possibly be!

Small Groups are one of the Strategic Initiatives of Roswell Presbyterian Church. Because we know that discipleship is best nurtured in relationships with others, we are establishing a significant small group ministry which provides opportunity for faith development, with a specific target of building ministries for young adults and for men.

Women in Their 20's
Group 1 meets at 6:30 p.m. at Allie McCubrey's home

Group 2 meets at 7:30 p.m. in CLB 246
Led by Rev. Emily Wright, Senior Associate Pastor
Two separate small groups that meet every other Tuesday (alternating Tuesdays).