Woven Together As a Faithful Family - Sunday, August 16, 2015 - Rev. Brad Clayton

Good Morning!

Today is an exciting day at RPC! We are kicking off our new Sunday School classes. We are honoring our teachers and leaders who will be serving our church throughout the next year. And we are starting a new sermon series, "Woven Together." One of the gifts that God has given us is the gift of community and the gift of family. We all have families, some with children, some with aunts and uncles, some with friends whom we love like brothers and sisters. We often take our family for granted in the hustle and bustle of the school year, and yet God has woven our families together intentionally, to lean on each other and to learn from each other. Today we will talk about how God has woven us together as a family.

This afternoon I hope you will join our church family at Riverside Park for an afternoon of fun and celebration as we kick-off a new year. Everyone is invited, and you can even invite your neighbors and friends. I hope to see you there!

Rev. Brad Clayton
Associate Pastor

Woven Together Rev. Brad Clayton

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