Wonder Women: The Redemption of Rahab - Sunday, November 23, 2014 - Dr. Lane Alderman

Rahab, a hero?

If you know your Bible history, then you know that Rahab isn't a very reputable person. There's no ignoring the fact... she is a prostitute. She's not exactly a model of Biblical morality and fidelity. And yet, as we are going to see this morning, she plays a vital role in the salvation history of God's people. In fact, the New Testament holds her up as a model of faith and action for us all.

It's a great lesson about the people who make a difference in God's world, and we're going to talk about that today as we conclude this three week sermon series on "Wonder Women." We've taken a look at the stories of three different groups of women, and with each one we have seen God at work in powerful and special ways.

This morning will be no different. We will discover that Gods uses a broken woman like Rahab to make a difference in the world. Along the way, my prayer is that we'll discover that God uses broken people just like you... and just like me... to make a difference as well!

May God bless us all on this Lord's Day.
Dr. Lane Alderman


Wonder Women Dr. Lane Alderman

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