Wonder Women: Puah & Shiphrah - Breaking the Law to Follow God - Sunday, November 9, 2014 - Dr. Lane Alderman

Surprised by the Unexpected

When was the last time you were surprised by a blessing, a promise, an event that you didn't expect? When was there a moment of grace that caught you completely by surprise? This morning as we begin this three week sermon series we're going to take a look at a series of events that caught people of Israel totally by surprise. What happens in the story could have never been expected.

And yet, as we will see, God is in the business of doing just that... of surprising us with the unexpected. I'm excited about sharing with you the story of two relatively obscure Hebrew midwives, Puah and Shiphrah. Through their courage and their action, God did the unexpected, and in so doing preserved the salvation history of God's people.

It's a great story, and I'm glad we are together today to learn and celebrate what God has to say to us through these two amazing women. I'm praying this will be a special time of renewal for each one of us!

Dr. Lane Alderman

Wonder Women Dr. Lane Alderman

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