What Does the Lord Require?: Love Kindness...with God - Sunday, April 17, 2016 - Rev. Mary Cox


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With Mark’s exegesis (fancy, theological word for “breakin’ it down”) of a well-known passage last Sunday, I began to understand the depth of God’s love on a whole new level. Micah 6:1-8 tells of a dialogue between God, speaking as one who was bereaved, and a people who seemed ready to hear what it would take to restore their relationship with God. In a state of desperation to know what God would require, the people thought the ultimate sacrifice of giving their own child must surely be what God would demand.

I find it ironic and beautiful that while God only asked for a change of priorities from his people, God gave the ultimate sacrifice of his own child centuries later to restore a relationship with all people, for all time. How deep and desperate is God’s love for us. May we be changed by this deep love and be desperate to love others as we have been so loved.

Rev. Mary Cox
Associate Pastor for Mission Outreach



What Does the Lord...?, 2nd Mile for Mission Rev. Mary Cox

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