Unfailing Treasures - Sunday, April 12, 2015 - Rev. Brad Clayton

Good Morning!

Today is the second Sunday of Easter! It has been a busy week for our church. We have sent mission teams to the Yucatán and to South Georgia and our Senior Highs have been on a beach retreat. God continues to provide our church many opportunities to worship and serve!

As we worship this morning, we will focus on a curious phrase from Jesus, when he encourages the disciples to invest in "unfailing treasures." Our church has been strong for over 175 years because we have invested in those treasures that last forever. Today we will commission Zac as he prepares to move to Suwanee and continue The Mustard Seed Project. As a new church begins, my hope is that they will fulfill their own call to invest in treasures that never fail.

I am thankful to be worshiping with you.
Rev. Brad Clayton
Associate Pastor

Unfailing Treasures Rev. Brad Clayton

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