The Quest in Jesus Questions: Will you lay down your life for me? - Sunday, September 3, 2017 - Rev. Lyndsay Lee Slocum

*This is the complete 9:45 a.m. service from Sunday, September 3, 2017. The sermon begins at 19:45 on the video.


Today we are continuing our sermons series, The Quest in Jesus’ Questions. We are going to explore Jesus’ question to his disciples: Will you lay down your life for me? It is quite a question! Even the disciples had a hard time answering this one! If Peter struggled with this question, then surely it will cause us pause. What does this question mean for us today? How do our lives reflect our commitment to Jesus and his call on our lives? We will wrestle with that question this morning.

I am so glad you are here and I am grateful to be able to worship with you. May we all feel the presence of the Holy Spirit this morning.

Rev. Lyndsay Lee Slocum
Senior Associate Pastor



The Quest in Jesus'... Rev. Lyndsay Slocum

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